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《专栏声音》谁动了我的奶酪? (有感dotNET入世后的Windows developers) - 开发者在线 - - 0 views

  • But here's what Chappell had to say about your experience as a developer: experience is only useful if the future is like the present (yep, another maxim). Naturally, he thinks your experience could prove a detriment if you rely on it too much. So if you're just getting started, you actually may have advantages over the old-timers who come to .NET with their old coding ways and expectations.
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Brad Abrams : Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 "SP1" Beta - 0 views

  • A couple of examples: If you hover over the i in the above example it will tell you i is used before it is set. if you hover over the Foo in the above example it will tell you no such method exists. 
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是否会成为问题--Linq to Sql的执行可能无法复用查询计划 - 赵劼 - 51CTO技术博客-领先的IT技术博客 - 0 views

  • 就是这个原因。在使用ADO.NET时,如果SqlParameter的Type是nvarchar,并且没有指定Size属性,则可能就会因为具体参数的尺寸不同而造成查询计划无法复用的结果。这一点,很多人都忽视了。
  • 不过我们还是幸运的,因为我根据我的经验,似乎在查询条件中使用长度不等的字符串作为参数的情况并不多见。不是么?
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