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John Lemke

» Increase Your Freelance Writing Income in 5 Days : Freedom With Writing - 0 views

  • Spend a few minutes setting up an email system that you can use to contact potential clients. The ideal system will let you contact many people at once, based on a custom list that you create.
  • you need to spend the time to create a custom pitch to that matches your potential clients very closely. Once that is done, set your email system to send the email out at 8am on Tuesday
  • look for potential network possibilities. This should only take about 5 minutes of your time. You want to check for both freelance writing networking as well as networking opportunities within your writing specialties. Check for local community meetings such as School board and city/county council meetings. All of these are great places to meet potential clients.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • oday is the day for cold calling. Most people don’t particularly enjoy this aspect of marketing but it is extremely valuable. Use the list you made on Monday and call each company.
  • By now you are getting some serious responses to your quick burst activities. So today you want to focus on social media. If you don’t already have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your freelance writing business, this is the time to set them up. You should also have a LinkedIn account. If not, set one of those up as well. Then go into the settings of LinkedIn and Twitter and set them up to update whenever you post to the associated Facebook page. Properly setting up your social media pages is extremely important; you are selling yourself. Make it look good.
  • PLEASE do not use your personal Facebook page for this. You do not want clients and potential clients to see the funny faces you made during your best friends wedding reception! Use your professional Facebook page for this and close your personal page to anyone but friends. If you are thinking it doesn’t matter, look at your page as though you were the client. That should do it.
  • Ok we are at the end of the week. You have set up an email marketing blitz, found and attended networking opportunities, written a letter to your local paper, cold called potential clients and set up your social media sites (and are updating them!) The only thing left is to update your Freelance marketing Website.
John Lemke

» "Is there really writing work out there?" : Freedom With writing - 0 views

  • How, then, do writing opportunities work? To be paid for writing, you need to look for a person with two characteristics: They’ve got money to spare. They’re looking for writers. This could be: A magazine editor who is looking for feature articles. An aristocrat or multi-billionaire who wants to support the career of an aspiring artist. A blogger who makes money from advertisements, or from selling information products, but is too busy to do all their blogging themselves. A book publisher who is looking for the next Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter. A business owner who needs help from a writer to promote their business. Do you see where this is going? There are writing opportunities out there, if you know where to look, and if you know the right people.
  • First, the more money a potential client has, the more they’ll be willing to pay you. Bloggers and content creators don’t typically earn much money from advertising. That’s why revenue sharing sites, which share advertising revenue with writers in exchange for content, often pay a relatively low rate. Magazine editors and book publishers are somewhere in the middle. They pay reasonably well, but they’re looking for extremely high quality, so you’ve got to be real good to get their attention. Business owners who have a steady income usually pay the most generous fees to writers. Businesses have a budget for marketing, so they’ve got cash to splash.
John Lemke

AJ Kohn talks Hummingbird, social, authority, writing and MUCH more! » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

  • My mantra is to do it instead of thinking about doing it. If I catch myself doing the latter I just switch to doing instead of thinking. Easier said than done for me, but I’ve gotten better at that. But there aren’t enough hours in the day. Or not if you’re also going to stay healthy and be a part of your family and not get burnt out. So things fall off the table, even more so if you’re hell bent on creating really great work. Yet, I find that quality is what wins at the end of the day and that solves a lot of other problems.
  • People scan and don’t read, so you have to format your content to meet that reality.
  • And if they share it, you gain greater readership. So I encourage writers to think of the entire canvas when creating content. Think about the headers in your piece and about the images you’ll use to enrich the story.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Writers still concentrate too much on the text and not enough on formatting and presentation. Making the content you create readable, portable and memorable is what will gain success.
  • The other thing that I think was important was commenting (with links) on other content.
  • I believe in 90-9-1 participation inequality. Comments are the area on a piece of content where the 9 (contributors) and the 1 (creators) are most frequently found. Those are the people I wanted to connect with because I had a better chance of them carrying my content to other places. And they did.
  • Social media is a key factor in SEO and Internet marketing for businesses and individuals. You rock at social media, sharing across multiple platforms and gaining reach. Social media can be intimidating and time consuming. What advice do you have for managing individual as well as business social accounts? Well you hit on the big issue; it’s time consuming and most people don’t want to invest that amount of time. So that’s the first thing. You can’t half-ass it and expect to do very well. One of the things I try to do is make my content on these platforms consistent, readable and memorable. On Twitter I decided to use a convention for the vast majority of my tweets. [Activity]: [Title] [URL] [Comment] [Hashtag]
  • The last one is to not do work for free.
  • Well, I’m seeing more and more evidence of what I describe happening and believe that Knowledge Graph Optimization (KGO) is going to be more and more important moving forward.
    Many good points about writing in this new era are brought out in this interview.
John Lemke

5 Questions That Will Make the SEO Writing Process 5 Times Smoother - SEO CopyWriting - 0 views

    A good list of questions to write better for SEO.
John Lemke

5 Quick Ways Busy Freelancers Can Keep Marketing - 0 views

  • The clients are “not there” for all freelancers, until we go out and proactively market and find them. Take responsibility for your business success and realize it’s up to you to get out there and look for new clients (or new projects from current clients).
  • Don’t have a writer website? It’s time to get one. You really can’t present yourself professionally these days without a site.
  • Tweaking your site copy is something you can do 10 minutes a day on, and it’s well worth it to up your odds of drawing prospects to you.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • The writer who sent this comment may be missing out if they’re not active on LinkedIn, the one social-media platform where self-promotion is more acceptable.
  • My experience is LinkedIn connections are happy to recommend and refer you, if you’ll only ask. And it takes just a few moments a day to reach out. You can even mass-mail your LinkedIn contacts 50 people at a time, but use this option with caution to avoid coming off spammy.
John Lemke

6 Smart Ways to Find Out if a Magazine Pays for Freelance Articles | The Renegade Writer - 0 views

  • The Writer’s Market and Mediabistro’s How to Pitch guides both offer information on their listed magazines for what percentage of the publication is freelanced out, and of pay rates. If the magazine you want is in there, you’re set with the info you need.
  • Many magazines have their writer’s guidelines right on their website these days. Poke around there and see if you can turn up any “write for us” information.
  • Don’t overlook the insights the mighty search engine might bring you if you do a search on “pay at X magazine.”
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Do some searches on job-ad compilation sites such as, or on LinkedIn and see if they’re hiring staffers. If they hire paid writers full-time and do use freelancers, it’s a fair bet that they pay freelancers, too.
  • If you don’t know other freelance writers, you need to. Don’t think of other freelance as the competition — they are your sounding board and may know about magazines you want to try. They can refer you gigs, too.
  • When all else fails, see if you can scare up a phone number for the magazine and call. Barring that, find an editorial email and try that. View lack of response as a strong indicator that they don’t pay.
    If you are writing for income, you obviously want to get paid.  This article gives some good advice on how to gain the knowledge and avoid the school of hard knocks.
John Lemke

SEO and content writing tips: Week ending March 4, 2014 » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

    This is a good long list of links to other articles.
John Lemke

SEO copywriting roundup: Hottest posts week of Dec. 17, 2013 » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

    This is a nice list of writing articles from the past year. It has a good number of sources I recognize and just as many new ones. It certainly looks worth the time to explore. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on any one of them.
John Lemke

The lazy person's guide to writing great copy - fast! » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

    Some tips to keep your output rolling on schedule.
John Lemke

How to Find Inspiration for Your Blog Posts (38 Experts Reveal Their Secrets) | The Creative Copywriter. - 0 views

    While a writer must write whether motivated or not, it is nice to hear how others deal with inspiration.
John Lemke

Attention: You're Now a Storyteller - Get Used to It » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

  • You have to go above and beyond your keyword list to get a reaction. There has to be a general theme – or story – that runs through the entirety of your marketing. People are getting the story in pieces from different platforms so it has to be consistent.
    • John Lemke
      Have things changed?  What happened to the not-so-old-but-old-as-the-Internet saying "Content is King"?  All Google did was bring it back to what great authors have been saying since the beginning of stories.
  • You’re a storyteller now – whether you like it or not.
  • The “just the facts” approach to your website may cover all of the bullet points you need covered, but it’s not engaging enough to keep people around.
    • John Lemke
      This means finding your voice.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Your role is to sell your products or services – but in order to do that you have to engage and encourage your audience. Your content can’t read like you’re in it for the sale. Your job is to be an advocate for your audience. You’re there to help. Learn how to engage on each platform you’re using for marketing, and then be present as a helpful, encouraging voice to guide your audience to the right decision.
  • Unlike the early days of SEO copywriting, you can’t keyword stuff and get great results. You can’t even rely on customers to visit your website before they make a decision about company.  They are connecting with you on Facebook, following you on Twitter or reading a landing page.
John Lemke

Blog Marketing: 4 Steps for Drawing Attention to Your Posts - 0 views

    This post makes some good points and is going beyond the obvious ones of daily posting, etc.,
John Lemke

7 Tactics for Writing the Best Facebook Posts *Every Time* - 0 views

    These are some good points. Kudos to Beth Kanter for the find.
John Lemke

Why so many digital publishers are flocking back to print | Digiday - 0 views

  • Publishers are leaning heavily on the idea that these are “premium” magazines, with deep reporting and full-page photos. Music reviews site Pitchfork even hopes that printing its quarterly magazine’s long-form features and illustrations on high-quality paper stock will encourage readers to collect them just as they collect vinyl records.
  • ather than eye the big general-interest numbers of Time and Rolling Stone, digital publishers are creating their magazines with lower circulations and content aimed at more niche audiences.
  • Most media companies have historically treated magazines as loss leaders, selling them for cheap in the hopes of building the sort of big circulation numbers
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • That’s not the model that these digital publishers are following. Rather than sell the magazines for cheap, Pitchfork is asking for $50 a year (or $20 an issue).
    A few interesting differences about today's print and yesterday's.  Seems there is still a market for premium content and consumers will actually pay much more than in yesteryear.
John Lemke

5 Tips for Quality Content Creation That Won't Bust Your Budget - 0 views

  • Forty percent of respondents admitted that poor spelling and grammar reduced their favorable impression of a brand.
  • As a marketer with a limited budget, the good news about focusing on quality content creation is that you don’t need to think in terms of producing more content but rather in terms of making each piece of content more effective.
    I liked this article as soon as it mentioned spelling, grammar and being too "salesy". In short, it makes good sense.
John Lemke

A Tale of Two Kates: Examples of Very Different, but Effective ABOUT Author Pages - 0 views

    What readers want on your about page.
John Lemke

20 Copywriting Blind Spots All Web Writers Should Avoid » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

    Some tips to not only make your copy more readable but also to help with SEO.
John Lemke

2013's 11 hottest SEO copywriting posts » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

    Just what is says.
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