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John Lemke

How to Make Your Writing Concise - 0 views

  • It’s not as violent as it sounds, but this process can prove painful for many writers; it’s all about getting rid of self-indulgent, flowery writing
  • don’t go off the deep end with the thesaurus. Don’t choose every synonym Word suggests for your replacements, as some lead to awkward phrasing and don’t fit within the context. Your words should fit naturally in the sentence while also decreasing redundancy.
  • Look for words and phrases like “a number of,” “in order to,” and especially “that.” All can be replaced with shorter and more powerful words or can be completely cut out.
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  • go over your work as if you were an editor. Take a red pen to your words, and cut out anything the content can do without.
  • it should never be the first thing on your mind while writing.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t get rid of all forms of “to be,” but make sure there is no other way to phrase the sentence before you give up.
John Lemke

Anne R. Allen's Blog: From Pathetic to Professional: 8 Ways to Beat the First Draft Blues - 0 views

    Some good tips on getting that first draft moving to final.
John Lemke

Writer Unboxed » Is Your Book Good Enough for Publication? A Cold-Blooded Ass... - 0 views

    This article nicely breaks the rough and tough process into logical stages and steps. It also is very realistic.
John Lemke

Use Hemingway's Advice to Rewrite Like a Pro - 0 views

  • Hemingway, like all experienced writers, showed a willingness to sacrifice each fresh layer of words in order to stay true to his overarching story.
  • Give yourself some distance Don’t confuse taking time away from a project with slacking off or quitting. A little distance may give you a new vantage point from which to look again. The word revise comes from the Latin revisere, “to look at again.” Tell your story aloud Share your story over coffee (or on the phone) with a friend or acquaintance. If you can, record yourself doing so, using free conference calling or pairing Skype with Audio Hijack or another program. Then listen back.
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