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John Lemke

» Writing Jobs from (Full Review) : Freedom With Writing - 0 views

  • is an interesting little site that is fairly new but already has a reputation for being a good way to get started as a freelance writer. They make the claim that they are writer centered and by all accounts are fair and honest.
  • To become a member of the site, you simply sign up and verify your email address. Then you can go and explore the site.
  • There are 3 categories on TextMaster that will be of immediate interest to you: Copywriter, Translator, and Proofreader. These are the 3 areas that you can apply to for work.
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  • You can choose up to 7 interest categories and then select a star rating based on your expertise in the area. Because your list of available jobs is based on this list, you might want to tweak it to get the best search results. It’s not a long list and the categories are fairly standard with one exception: There is a separate are for the sensitive topics of religion and pornography.
  • There are two methods of finding a job on this site: Look for one and wait for one to come to you.
  • there is no direct client to writer communication which almost always increases the issues with editing.
  • there is the warning that if a writer has a lot of requests for rewrites or changes their status may be downgraded and eventually suspended.
  • There are several different levels of writers on this site and they are ranked in two different manners. Your initial level after submitting your sample is going to be Bronze. This means that you have written less than 10,000 words. The more words you write, the higher your level is going to be. The levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum.
  • Basic, Standard or Expert. So if you do well on your sample then you might enter the site as a Bronze Standard. That would mean that your initial pay rate is 3.9 cents per word. It sounds low but you can move up quickly. If you do well you will be rated again and if you are granted the expert level then you get a bump to $0.10 a word. You can eventually make more than $0.15 per word.
  • payment threshold of $70
John Lemke

You Got a Freelance Writing Assignment! Now What? - 0 views

    This article offers writers tips on what to do once they get the gig. While they may seem obvious, I bet you have missed a few.
John Lemke

Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2013 - the Winners | Write to Done - 0 views

    I already knew of some of these but there is always room for more in my feed reader. I just thought I would share them here.
John Lemke

The Unlost E-Course: Review - 0 views

    The course is not free.
John Lemke

13 Ebooks and Courses That Make Great Holiday Gifts for Writers - 0 views

    I actually have a few of these ebooks and I am aware of the success of some of the other authors on the list. In my opinion, especially for the cost of free, these 13 should be worth checking out.
John Lemke

2013's 11 hottest SEO copywriting posts » SEO Copywriting - 0 views

    Just what is says.
John Lemke

» How You Can Make Money At Home Through MadContent : Freedom With Writing - 0 views

  • is a bit unique in that they cater to customers and clients who are in need of SEO services. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method that involves strategically placing specific keywords at predetermined intervals in articles, product descriptions, and more. Through using SEO, customers and clients of may be able to boost their search engine rankings organically when the specified keywords are searched for.
  • However, MadContent does require prior experience. Specifically, when applying to work for the company through the online application form, you will be required to submit a sample of your work. Prior SEO experience is a plus, and work completed through the site will be required to meet certain SEO requirements. Understanding the basics of SEO and being apply to apply the strategy into your work is necessary. Further, assignments are provided to you via, so you do need to have a valid account in order to apply to work for this company.
    Mad Content requires experience and is SEO focused. You will have to submit a sample and meet certain SEO requirements on all assignments submitted. 
John Lemke

» Earn $100 a Day With Textbroker : Freedom With Writing - 0 views

  • Textbroker makes it possible to not only claim assignments from the job board but to also set your own price for private clients that contact you through the system. This is a great system that allows you to make more money from repeat clients.
  • Once you sign up you can apply for writing privileges. This is a standard writing sample based on a topic that they choose. It’s important to write this as though your salary depended on it because it does; your sample will be rated and the better the rating, the more you get paid per assignment.
  • This is where Textbroker outshines every other site: While you are looking over the assignment no one else can look at it or claim it. You have 10 minutes to make your decision. If you accept it then you can write it. You have 24 hours to write it after claiming it. If you don’t want to write it then it goes back into the assignment pool for someone else.
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  • The problem is that once you have accepted an article you have 24 hours to write it. While that is not a problem in and of itself, while you have that article selected you cannot select another article. You write one, submit it and then choose another one.
  • The writing platform at Textbroker is not great. There is really no way to sugarcoat it and make it seem better than it is. It’s basic, has no automatic save and is honestly one of the worst out there.
  • Every article you write is rated. Your rating is the average of the last 5 articles that you have written. If you have consistently high ratings, ask to be moved to a higher category. Your rating can also be lowered if your reviews are consistently poor. There is room to move at Textbroker.
    A good review of the textbroker writing site
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