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John Lemke

Work out vs. Workout - 0 views

    I agree with the person who pointed it out. There is a difference between the noun and verb but it is too often ignored.
John Lemke

Is U.S. a Noun? - 0 views

  • The Chicago Manual of Style prescribes spelling out United States as a noun in running text and reserving US for the adjective form only. CMOS also prefers US without periods, to match the US postal codes like AR, MI, and WY.
  • The AP Stylebook recognizes U. S. as a noun as well as an adjective. It calls for periods when the U.S. appears in a running text, but US without periods in a headline.
  • When it comes to formal speaking and written text, however, reserve the abbreviation for adjectival use and write out United States as the noun.
    I never really thought about it before but it seems that using "US" or "U.S."  as a noun is somewhat debated.
John Lemke

Is Software a Mass Noun? - 0 views

  • Abstract nouns such as courage, cowardice, intelligence, and happiness are mass nouns because they cannot be combined with an indefinite article. For example, one can’t speak of “a courage” or “a cowardice.” Mass nouns cannot be preceded by a numeral without specifying a unit of measurement: “a ton of coffee,” “a modicum of intelligence.”
    A decent read on some types of nouns.
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