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John Lemke

Writer Unboxed » Imagining Beyond One's Own Experience, or What the Fiction W... - 0 views

  • Imagining is the job of the fiction writer. This is what we do, every time we sit down in front of a blank page. It seems as if we’re working with no more than a keyboard or pen and paper, but that’s not true. We have at our disposal every person we’ve ever known, every experience we’ve ever had, seen, heard and felt. Our ingredients are the people who have ignored us and caused us to search our brains for reasons why, people whom we’ve admired, both intimately and from a distance, and people whom we’ve tried to emulate. People who love us despite our faults; people we can’t stand despite our efforts to be better people ourselves.
    A great read on putting the writer in another's shoes. If you desire to do fiction, it is certainly worth the time to read.
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