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John Lemke

Writer Unboxed » Day In, Day Out - 0 views

  • “Do you HAVE to do what you are doing right now?” I can almost always answer “no.” And the answer to the follow-up question, “Do you WANT to be doing what you’re doing right now?” is almost always yes.
John Lemke

4 Strategies for Better Time Management (and Bigger Paychecks) as a Freelance Writer - 0 views

  • The most successful freelance writers are those who know how to manage their time to get the most quality work done.
  • I am a human who writes, and I need to be fully energized and focused to do my best work.
  • it’s absolutely necessary to track your time to ensure you’re properly compensated for your work.
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  • start with the task I want to work on the least. I’m then more motivated to complete that less-fun task so I can get to the fun stuff faster.
    Time is money. Use it well!
John Lemke

Writer Unboxed » A 'Logic Model' for Author Success - 0 views

  • in this age of the “writer as an entrepreneur” responsible for a growing share of the work required to not only create but also sell a book, adding management skills to our repertoire of abilities is not at all a bad idea.
  • as launch time approaches, authors get overwhelmed by thinking that they have to do “everything:” Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, ad campaigns, bookstore talks, conference panels, media articles, email newsletters, book clubs…you name it.
  • what our goals are beyond sales
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  • Based on our mission and our definition of success, we can then work out a manageable set of steps to take in line with our specific interests and goals. We feel more in control and less anxious about having to “do it all.”
  • A more viable definition of success does have a quantitative element, but it doesn’t necessarily mean “number of copies sold or dollars earned.” It can mean other measurable outcomes such as landing a teaching job or a column in a respected publication.
John Lemke

Use This Simple Tool to Move Forward in Your Writing Career - 0 views

  • It’s a trash can. Not a physical one, but a mental trash can. It’s for discarding advice that doesn’t feel right for you. It doesn’t seem like the right answer. Your gut tells you this advice isn’t for you. It just doesn’t resonate. If that happens, you should ignore that tip and move on. My teacher would say, “Use what feels right and discard the rest.” I think a lot of writers forget to take out their trash can when they’re learning about writing. But it really pays to keep it handy.
    I see many folks not using this tip.  Truth be told, I am also slow to clean house.
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