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RJ Stangherlin

Llama gives birth to baby alpaca in Peru - 0 views

    "Eight days after fertilization, specialists removed two of the embryos, and transferred them to host wombs. One of the embryos was implanted in another alpaca, and the other was transferred to a llama. "
RJ Stangherlin

Llama Caravan Transport: A study of mobility with a contemporary Andean salt caravan - 0 views

    The ability to transport goods is a key attribute of mobile pastoralism in both contemporary settings and in the past. In mountainous environments, groups of cargo‐bearing animals being led along trail systems was often the principal means of moving food and other goods between communities. An excellent excerpt of a book that explores the ancient and modern implications of mountain trade routes for transporting salt via llama caravans. If you love llama treks, this article/book is worth investigating.
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