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Marc Lijour

Forrester Analyst Says Open Source Has Won | - 4 views

  • Wednesday, 11 August 2010 08:58
  • Open source has crossed the chasm
  • Jeffrey Hammond
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  • Hammond, principle analyst with Forrester Research
  • Hammond says that open source initially wedged its way into enterprise environments based on cost savings
  • Hammond says that we're now seeing the second wave of open source adoption, being driven by improved flexibility to execute and positioning enterprises to grow when the recession ends.
  • Only one in five (21%) developers are not using open source as part of their work.
  • Application servers and operating systems are highest in organizations larger than 20,000 employees.
  • what's more interesting is the "u-shaped" curve where very small and very large organizations show high adoption.
  • Open source databases are outliers, with less adoption in larger companies
  • 30% of developers say that they're using Linux as their primary development OS on Eclipse
  • Ubuntu is leading by far with 17%, all the other Linux combined
  • Deployment numbers are nicer for Linux. 40% are deploying on Linux, 36% on Windows from Eclipse; the Dr. Dobbs survey finds 23% deployment on Linux vs. 57% for Windows-centric developers. In both cases, organizations are deploying more on Linux than ever before.
  • Subversion is the leader with 52%, and Git/GitHub with 6%. Open source is the clear winner in SCM. Git has crept up from 2% to 6%
  • Things happening "outside the firewall" are driving technology, which has empowered developers to change corporate IT culture
  • about 36% of companies don't have a policy regarding deploying and contributing to open source.
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