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Katy Vance

Brenda Laurel on games for girls | Video on - 0 views

    This isn't anything revolutionary, but it does come back to the core of gaming in education and good pedagogy in lesson planning, which is knowing your audience and planning around their needs and desires. "We launched two titles in October -- "Rockett's New School" -- the first of a series of products -- is about a character called Rockett beginning her first day of school in eighth grade at a brand new place, with a blank slate, which allows girls to play with the question of, "What will I be like when I'm older?" "What's it going to be like to be in high school or junior high school? Who are my friends?"; to exercise the love of social complexity and the narrative intelligence that drives most of their play behavior; and which embeds in it values about noticing that we have lots of choices in our lives and the ways that we conduct ourselves."
Katy Vance

Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning | Video on - 0 views

    They don't have the depth, the rich narrative that really engaging video games have, that the boys are really interested in.
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