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Katy Vance

This Changes Everything: iPhone's Five-Year Gaming Revolution | GamesIndustry International - 0 views

  • With expensive consoles stuck in long cycles, iPhone has transformed from a poor phone with no third-party content into a retina-screened gaming powerhouse with over half a million iPhone to choose from in less time than it took Sony to make Gran Turismo 5.
  • In this context a game has mere seconds to impress before it is banished back into the ether and damned with a one-star review. Needless to say, that is not a friendly environment for great ideas that need a little explaining to flourish.
    • Katy Vance
      This si key- how do we design games (and lessons for that matter) that are self-evident in terms of how to play them?
  • You don't reach a billion based on a spectacularly unoriginal physics game and some cartoon birds alone. It needed the ecosystem, installed base and cool cultural cachet of Apple.
    • Katy Vance
      You know, this makes me think about the fact that we haven't really discussed the tech factors involved in gaming.  I know lots of games in McGonigal's book don't require tech, but I think I will need technology to manage large numbers of students in a library.
    But you know what the truly amazing aspect of iPhone's gaming revolution is? That it happened without Apple even really trying. The company hasn't the slightest interest in making games; it just created the right platform, delivery mechanism and economics for them in the eyes - and hands - of consumers.
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