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Ariane Beldi

SGMS 2011 Call for Papers! - 0 views

    "Ten years ago, the first SGMS had to be delayed because of the tragic event of
    9/11, but two months later, seven academics from a variety of disciplines spoke
    on manga and anime to a crowd of 150 eager fans, academics, and students from
    junior high to college-aged. Since then, on the last weekend of every September,
    the expanding community of SGMS artists, actors, teachers, and students have
    gotten together to celebrate manga, anime and Japanese popular culture.

    Join us for the SGMS Masquerade Bash on Friday night with the Full Fashion Panic
    Fashion Show, music, food and costumed frivolities will prevail! Even the guests
    will be in costume! On Saturday and Sunday, there will be talks by guests Marc
    Hairston, Crispin Freeman, Thomas LaMarre, Christopher Bolton, Gilles Poitras
    and Frenchy Lunning. Classes in manga creation by Robert Ten Pas and Dennis Lo,
    Lolita Fashion creation by Samantha Rei, and more will be held. Watch for the
    announcement of our VERY SPECIAL GUEST soon!"
Ariane Beldi

MANGA: Histoire et Univers de la bande dessinée japonaise - 0 views

    Site consacré au livre et à ses sources.
    This is only in French unfortunately, but this website contains references and sources that have been used in the lates book on manga by Jean-Marie Bouissou, specialist of Japan at the Center for International Research and Studies in Paris.
Ariane Beldi

The Dragon and the Dazzle: Japanese Imagination in Italy - Marco Pellitteri - 1 views

    Every Third Thursday of the month, the Sainsbury Institute hosts a lecture on a topic related to the art and culture of Japan. Talks begin at 6pm (50-minute lecture followed by refreshments). Speakers are all specialists in their field and the talks are intended to be accessible to those with no prior knowledge of Japanese history. Admission is free and all are welcome. Booking essential. To book a seat email us at or fax 01603 625011 up to two days before the lecture stating your name, number of seats required and a contact number. Unless indicated otherwise the lectures are held at the Norwich Cathedral Hostry (Weston Room), Norwich NR1 4EH.
Ariane Beldi

Animasia, voyagez au coeur de l'Asie - 0 views

    Depuis sa première édition en 2005, le festival Animasia vous invite à un voyage inoubliable. Placé sous le signe de la découverte et de l'échange, notre festival est surtout le vôtre. Que vous soyez complètement accro au manga, passionné par le cinéma de Kitano, cosplayeur, féru de jeux-vidéo, joueur de go, ou tout simplement intrigué par le feng-shui, la cuisine au wok, Bollywood, les polars asiatiques ou l'origami, Animasia est fait pour vous.

    Animasia c'est aussi une incursion vers les cultures asiatiques souvent boudées. Et ce, que vous souhaitiez en savoir plus sur les cultures tibétaine, birmane ou laotienne, découvrir les steppes de Mongolie, le cinéma coréen ou l'histoire du Cambodge. Expositions, cinéma, jeux, conférences, documentaires, toute une programmation est dédiée à ce pan fascinant, mais souvent méconnu, de l'Asie.
    This is only in French, unfortunately, but basically, it is a festival devoted to Asian popular cultures in the region of Pessac, in Southern France. There are several of these small festivals in France and this is one of them.
Ariane Beldi

Visualizing Asia Conference - Home - 0 views

    About the Conference

    The Visualizing Cultures project and the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University are pleased to announce an academic conference focused on the relationship between visual imagery and social change in modern Asia entitled, "Visualizing Global Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century." This will be one of the first academic conferences devoted to "image-driven scholarship" and teaching about Asia in the modern world.

    We have selected scholars of history, art history, history of photography, and history of technology specializing in China, Korea, Japan, United States, Europe and the Philippines to discuss how to integrate visual and textual media in research and teaching, using to the fullest the opportunities presented by the new technologies and the use of the internet as a publishing platform.
Ariane Beldi

Welcome to Rhizomes VI - 0 views

    Not directly related to manga or animes, but I'm sure that they could be topics addressed in such conference.
Ariane Beldi

AJISS-Commentary-A Growing Love for "Cool Japan" - 2 views

    Japan may appear defensive on the economic and political fronts. Has the world lost interest in an aging Japan whose economy will fall to third largest? There is, however, a side of Japan that is the object of ever stronger and deeper affection around the globe: Japanese popular culture, particularly anime (Japanese animation) and manga.
    True. In America, this seems to be growing. I see less and less of comic books and more manga novels, although manga is part of the Japanese culture. Not only that, but it seems manga is more..
    I'm not sure what you can call it, but it has a different feel to it than a comic book, for obvious reasons.
    It's like comparing a cartoon to an anime. Although their qualitys are alike, they come from different culture and people, etc. Plus, most animes seem a bit more serious than cartoons, but that may be just the particullar shows I'm watching..
Ariane Beldi

ICv2 - A Second Bad Year in a Row for Manga - 1 views

  • Manga readers lack the “collector mentality” of comic book fans and also tend to be both young and tech savvy.  The fact that manga is “long-form” entertainment, with many series running to dozens of volumes (Naruto Vol. 48 is due out in June), even taking into account the fact that manga is very attractively priced compared with traditional American graphic novels, it is very expensive to collect the entire series in paper. 
    • Ariane Beldi
      Well, I'm not sure that manga readers lack the "collector mentality", since serialization is at the very basis of manga, but as pointed out later in the paragraph, collecting the 100+ volumes of Naruto or buying the 20+ boxes of its anime adaptation is probably out of reach for the younger wallets. Basically, the industry has tried to milk people a bit too much by producing over-extended narratives. Moreover, they might have over-estimated people's capacity to follow the same hero over decades. Only very few narratives have been able to achieve this feat.
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