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Ariane Beldi

ICv2 - A Second Bad Year in a Row for Manga - 1 views

  • Manga readers lack the “collector mentality” of comic book fans and also tend to be both young and tech savvy.  The fact that manga is “long-form” entertainment, with many series running to dozens of volumes (Naruto Vol. 48 is due out in June), even taking into account the fact that manga is very attractively priced compared with traditional American graphic novels, it is very expensive to collect the entire series in paper. 
    • Ariane Beldi
      Well, I'm not sure that manga readers lack the "collector mentality", since serialization is at the very basis of manga, but as pointed out later in the paragraph, collecting the 100+ volumes of Naruto or buying the 20+ boxes of its anime adaptation is probably out of reach for the younger wallets. Basically, the industry has tried to milk people a bit too much by producing over-extended narratives. Moreover, they might have over-estimated people's capacity to follow the same hero over decades. Only very few narratives have been able to achieve this feat.
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