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Nele Noppe

Tokyo's Akihabara Allows Pedestrians on Streets Again - Anime News Network - 0 views

  • The "Pedestrians' Paradise" tradition abruptly ended when a 27-year-old man named Tomohiro Katō reportedly struck five individuals with a truck at an intersection near the main Japan Railways station of Akihabara on Sunday, June 8, 2008. He then allegedly proceeded to leave the vehicle and stab 12 people on the streets. By the following Sunday, "Pedestrians' Paradise" was put on hold until further notice.
Nele Noppe

Fujoshi - 0 views

  • And therein lies the rub. The image of girls getting out of hand is hard for some to swallow.
  • Experts predict that Japan’s population will shrink to 108 million by 2030, and critics of the otaku phenomenon blame men and women who can now live meaningful lives without human companionship. One analyst says that the rampant creativity of otaku is rivaled only by their stunted emotional growth. Journalist Yumiko Sugiura, who literally wrote the book on fujoshi (2006’s The Fujoshi-izing World: The Female Otaku of East Ikebukuro), says women who indulge fantasies of queer love rather than finding boyfriends face an even greater backlash than their male counterparts. She believes that, via yaoi, fujoshi demonstrate dissatisfaction with traditional Japanese expectations of what a woman’s life should be.
Nele Noppe

Everybody's Fujoshi Girlfriend - 0 views

  • As a result, when media attention eventually turned to actual fujoshi, the elevator pitch — “They’re otaku, except girls!” — was more or less accurate (granting a broad reading of “otaku”), but the implications were misunderstood. If fujoshi were girl otaku, they must be the girls usually appearing alongside otaku in those TV specials and magazine articles, right? You know — the maids.

    But no.

  • Media treatment of the fujoshi concept has always been problematic.
Nele Noppe

New university library puts focus on the fans - 0 views

  • At last count, there were more than 20 manga museums in its home country, including The Kyoto International Manga Museum, and now there is talk of creating a National Center for Media Arts to include manga and anime.

    News photo
    Bound for glory: Manga being readied for Tokyo's upcoming Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library of Manga and Subcultures. YOSHIHIRO YONEZAWA MEMORIAL LIBRARY OF MANGA AND SUBCULTURES

    But as the national government swings belatedly into action, some experts are saying it is time to shift the focus from manga itself onto the fans' subculture that has fed its success.

  • In another indication of the new library's focus on the fan subculture surrounding manga, it will be the first facility of its kind in Japan to house a substantial collection of doujinshi,
Nele Noppe

'Otaku hunting' is back - 0 views

  • It's been a few years, but otaku hunting (or "otaku gari" as it's known in Japanese) is back in the headlines. This time, a pair of men attacked the victims in the Nihonbashi section of Osaka, an area similar to Tokyo's Akihabara.
  • The reason? Same as it ever was: "Otaku are weak, they give over the money and they don't talk back."
Nele Noppe

Otaku: Japan's Database Animals - 0 views

    by Hroki Azuma
Nele Noppe

Seminar on Anime and Contemporary Japanese Society - 0 views

    While anime is being watched on a global scale, there are significant differences in its contemporary reception. The gap between regular consumers and critical spectators, sometimes appearing in the form of Japanese audiences vs. foreign Japanologists, deserves special attention since it raises a number of questions, such as what sort of animated film is identified as anime; who relates anime to politics, history and society; what kind of meaning is at play in anime's performative images, and to what extent one can read "Japanese society", or even "culture", out of anime.
Nele Noppe

Revenge of the nerds | The Australian - 0 views

  • Twenty-five years after the idea of otaku began poking through like a sly worm from the apple of Japanese materialism, there are geek-culture wormholes everywhere.

  • Otaku is not what they do, it's the way they do it; an attitude and style associated with compulsive acquisition of popular culture objects and experiences and saturated in IT, especially interactive technology, a field in which otaku are increasingly influential.

  • Still, some popular journalism in Japan persists in casting otaku as a slur on society. Some sociologists still warn they are a hazard to themselves. Some foreign commentators keep using them to witter on about existential isolation in contemporary Japan.

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  • Otaku are often gregarious among their peers, whom some pundits feel impelled for effect to call zoku (tribes), but they do want to stand apart from the rest of the Japanese.

Nele Noppe

Drama in Akiba Walker's Paradise | Akibanana - 0 views

  • The pressure on Akiba Walker's Paradise has been heating up, and the media has also joined in the game by adding more spice to the weekly Sunday drama. Today at Akiba, an interesting phenomenon has happened; a group of policemen whom the otaku calls the 'blue people' were followed by groups of reporters from TV stations and behind them is an even bigger group of curious crowd.
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