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Paul Beaufait

Translate and Speak - 14 views

    "ImTranslator offers a natural sounding text-to-speech system with translation capabilities that quickly translates text and reads it aloud at one click of a button."
Paul Beaufait - 5 views

    "The Web's Largest Resource for Definitions & Translations" (deck, ¶1, 2012.08.29) - Thanks to Nik Peachey for this site.
Zaid Mark

Repair & Speed Up Your Internet through DNS Settings - 0 views

    Domain Name Server or DNS is a technology that translates a web address into a numeric IP address, which is logical and readable by the computer. This duty of interpretation performed by DNS is called name resolution.
Paul Beaufait

Duolingo - 5 views

  • Target users of the app would be autonomous users with some existing level of motivation or curiosity for language study who are seeking to refresh basic skills
  • The Duolingo app is probably best used as a supplement to other language learning materials that offer more contextualized authentic language use
    "[T]his review will focus on the iOS iPad version of Duolingo, Apple's 2013 App of the year (Duolingo, 2014) in English (L1) with French as the target language (L2)" (Overview, ¶2). "
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