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Muslim Academy

Terrorists surely have NO Religion - 0 views

    In the recent years, there has been a series of criminal activities which includes bombing on social/public places such as hotels and market places, frequent grenade attacks and bombing and collapsing of the towers and stadiums. When such incidences occur, many are the times when life of hundreds of people gets claimed ruthlessly. Some people claim that such activities are associated with Muslim community while some blame Christians, Buddhists or Hindus. There is no reason, strong enough, as to why one should think that such horrid acts are religion based. It is difficult to explain the association of any religion with all these terrorizing and dehumanizing activities.

International Spice Conference - Places In Goa - 0 views

    The All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF), established in the year 1987, works towards protecting the interests of the spice exporters in the country, creating a sustainable, pro-development business environment for the spice industry and its stakeholders. Places In Goa
terry freedman

Beyond Gutenberg « Dreams of Education - 9 views

    Interesting and thought-provoking (if rather long) post about technology, its place, and the sort of concerns it raises. I don't agree with everything in the article, but will need to cogitate on my response to it. Read it, and decide for yourself.
mbarek Akaddar

100+ Language Learning Sites - 15 views

    100+ Places to Learn a Language Online
John Evans

k12onlineshanghai » home - 0 views

    Welcome to the Shanghai w-LAN teachers' wiki for the 2008 K-12 online conference .This is the place for teachers to sign up for live collaborative conference sessions.
Walter Antoniotti

Excel Statistics Lab Manual - 0 views

    Free Internet lab manual for the free Internet textbook Statistics using The Quick Notes Learning System. Problems are in column A with directions on how to do them. Data is in column B as is a place for Excel to put the answer. User follows the directions, answers are generated by Excel, user interprets the answer. Complete solution provided in the next worksheet.
Nelba Quintana

Groupboard: multi-user java whiteboard and chat - 0 views

    Groupboard is a set of multi-user java applets including whiteboard, chat, message board, games and voice conferencing which you can place on your web page by simply copying a few lines of HTML code.
Learning with Computers group

Yahoo -Wiki - 0 views

    The place to get a wiki for your Yahoo group
Learning with Computers group

grammar exercises - 0 views

    A lot of exercises. It includes links to other grammar places. Edgard Libardo
Carla Arena

Shirky: Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, Links, and Tags - 0 views

  • there is no shelf, and that there is no file system. Google can decide what goes with what after hearing from the user, rather than trying to predict in advance what it is you need to know.
    • Carla Arena
      This is exactly the idea of the Third order, the digital world, that things don't have the constraint of being in one single place. It can be in many different places at once. That's one there's no file system. Our "categories" are much more fluid.
  • the semantics here are in the users, not in the system.
  • It's all dependent on human context
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • The signal benefit of these systems is that they don't recreate the structured, hierarchical categorization so often forced onto us by our physical systems. Instead, we're dealing with a significant break -- by letting users tag URLs and then aggregating those tags, we're going to be able to build alternate organizational systems, systems that, like the Web itself, do a better job of letting individuals create value for one another, often without realizing it.
    reference from Folksonomies: Tidying up Tags?
Learning with Computers group

The Internet Tourbus - Home - 0 views

    A place to learn how to handle with tecnological issues.
David Wetzel

Web Based Science Inquiry Learning Centers: Combining Online Resources with Classroom Science Investigations - 10 views

    For a web-based learning to be truly effective it must be interactive. This means that it is not just a reformatted canned lesson of printed worksheets placed on the web. The web-based activity is inquiry-based and incorporates the full features available on the web - interactivity between computer and student. The learning activity must engage student critical thinking skills by using the scientific inquiry process.
Gramarye Gramarye

How to Learn English Verbs with an iPod - 0 views

    f you want to know how to learn English verbs with an iPod, you are in the right place. Rory Ryder has published a book called "101 English Verbs for your iPod", and it is FANTASTIC!

Wide range of Tutorials on Computer Based Applications - 0 views

    Excellent resource. Huge range of video tutorials covering almost every application I could think of. In the main they are aimed towards the novice, but still an excellent place to look for tips.
Diego Morelli

Open Access Week for Web Resources - 13 views

    "The first International Open Access Week is scheduled to take place October 19-23; it is an opportunity to broaden awareness and understanding of Open Access to research......."
the hunter26

Download The Last Ride Movie (2012) | Watch The Last Ride here - 0 views

    The Last Ride Guys! Here is a place which allows you to Watch and Download The Last Ride Full movie or watch The Last Ride movie online in HD/DVD/ipod/divX quality. Don´t think more and join us now. I think we should not think before making a beneficial deal. if yeah, then click here and watch online The Last Ride Movie. Don´t want to download, don´t worry this lick would also let you watch recent movies online for free.
Muslim Academy

Wait, Egyptians DON'T live in Pyramids? - 0 views

    Muslim Academy would like to congratulate Ehab, an Egyptian architect who happens to be Christian and Muslim Academy podcaster/blogger, who took place in a Norweigan radio show. The topic of the show was misconceptions between Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Ehab cleared some very strange misconceptions, including Mexicans living in cacti and Egyptians living in Pyramids.
Muslim Academy

How Does It Feel to Be an American Muslim? - 0 views

    There are many Muslim people living in the West, and they all have different perspectives of America and of how it feels to be an American Muslim. Being an American Muslim, for some, means great opportunities to move up the social ladder and for others, America is a place of absolute freedom. Every Muslim has something different to say about living in the West, and what they say has to do with their day-to-day experiences.
Native Mentor

Become a Wordpress Trainer/Instructor in Easy Ways - 0 views

    For advice on how to become a Personal trainer of if you are in need of a trainer you could contact to Native Mentor. We are helps you on web platform, our main objective is to bridge a Trainer and Student for personal coaching at their convenient place and time in just an easy steps.
Native Mentor

Native Mentor - 0 views

    Native Mentor is to bridge a Trainer and Student for personal coaching at their convenient place and time in just an easy steps.
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