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How do Tutors get paid for Tutoring? | TutStu - 0 views

    Students can pay their tutors directly, from inside TutStu. Tutors can get paid before the session or after the session, as mutually agreed by them. (However, TutStu recommends Students to pay after the session). Tutors can receive Bulks Payment (say:-10 sessions at a time) or Pay-as-you-Go (after every session).

Professional Ecommerce Services by SitesSimply - 0 views

    SEM is a multi-million dollar industry owned by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other. We are a SEM service provider company and our approach treads cautiously using Organic Search (tags, content, architecture of the site, analytic, links, and keyword research) and Paid Search (conversion rate, landing page, impression, bidding, and quality score). There are undeniable benefits of SEM services if taken by an agency with SEM expertise.

Search Engine Marketing Trends - 0 views

    Search engine is an umbrella term that also includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC). The segments of search engine marketing strategy are changing constantly in the fast-paced digital marketing realm. Below mentioned are some of the latest trends in Search Engine Marketing.
Shane Col

Awesome Presentation Resources You Did Not Know About - 22 views

    A list of useful presentation resources being offered online (free and paid) including presentation templates, video backgrounds, photos, clipart and animations.

How to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer - make-lots-of-money - 0 views

    You've definitely heard about big YouTube stars and Instagram models. You've read news about how they're getting paid a lot of money and you probably want in on the secret. This article will show you where to start so you can earn money on your social media. Continue reading here

Whom does my Students pay for Online Tutoring, Me or TutStu? | TutStu - 0 views

    TutStu doesn't collect any payments from Students. All tutoring fees, is paid to Tutors, directly. Since TutStu directly transfers the amoun to Tutor's Paypal, we need tutors to fill in their details in the Tutor Profile Payments page. To make the payment process easier, Students can pay the Tutor, directly from inside their Student Portals. Students who wish to pay the tutor, are redirected to PayPal (or PayUMoney, for Indian Tutors).
Carla Arena

Top 100 Tools for Learning: Analysis - 0 views

  • For workplace learning For formal education PowerPoint Audacity Articulate Moodle Snagit Captivate Slideshare Word Flash Camtasia YouTube flickr PowerPoint Wikispaces Slideshare Voicethread Audacity Moodle Ning Jing.
    • Holly Dilatush
      (bummer! I had typed a fairly long note on this, and then clicked to a different tab and lost it? apologies if this is a duplicate) Try again: Interesting list -- which do you use? PowerPoint, Audacity, Moodle and SlideShare made both lists. Does this spur your thinking/reflecting about attitudinal differences commonly recurring between workplace and higher ed/adult ed? In light of the likely funnelling of (USA) adult ed funding from K-12 and toward workforce (Workforce Investment Act), is there something to be learned here? More research would be interesting. Why would certain delivery solutions be preferred/selected by one group over another? thoughts? comments? reactions?
    • Carla Arena
      Holly, Very interesting questions for reflection. I don't know why one was chosen over the other in different spheres, but my guess is that in the workplace, it seems to have more of paid softwares like captivate, camtasia, etc, whereas in the formal educaton environment, some read/write web tools with free versions. Also, at the workplace the tools seem to be more of delivery of content, while in formal education, they're more related to social software with possibilities of social construction of knowledge. What do you think?
    I think Carla might be on to something where she surmises workplace content delivery (or training), in contrast to education, as well as the attractiveness of free and open source tools to educators. The Top 100 Tools...: Analysis page cross-links to a CLPT programme on free tools (, which in turn links to a Ning group, whose intro. pairs education with training instead of learning. Perhaps learning is too broad a term for the Top 100 Tools proposed for workplaces. It is also interesting to note that the top ten for neither workplaces nor formal educational settings include web browsers. It is hard to imagine using either Moodle or Slideshare without a browser, isn't it?

Free Web Hosting - No purchase required - 2 views

    Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, free Website Builder, cPanel. Almost unlimited free website hosting and free domain hosting.No ads, no contract, no strict policies. Free transfer from paid hosting.
Paul Beaufait

8 Free Mind Map Tools & How to Best Use Them - 17 views

    Saikat Basu proposed seven features to consider when selecting mind-mapping tools (app's or services): Cost Off- or on-line affordances, General usability, Aesthetics, Template availability, Portability of your work, & Affordances for collaboration.
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