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Paul Beaufait

Socialbookmarking and Education. A survey - 10 views

Hello Michèle, I note that the link you provided leads to a French cover page. The English cover page is here:

socialbookmarking Education survey

Paul Beaufait

Innovate: Innovate-Blog: A Step Into Blog 2.0 - 0 views

  • Whereas first-generation blog content is overwhelmingly defined by individuals sharing observations and experiences, pursuing personal objectives via independent platforms, second-generation content is defined by organizational purposes and teams of writers. Web 2.0 is giving birth to a new generation of blogs that is being published by organizations rather than individuals. In this Blog 2.0, the strength of the medium, its architecture, is being used to radically expand the Web as we know it
    This article reflects where the Learning with Computers group has been for years!
    This inaugural column on I-Blog by James Shimabukuro distinguishes blog content from architecture, and highlights collective and corporate advances into blogging as a medium for web-based communication, especially those by the staff of Innovate. Shimabukuro, J. 2008. Innovate-Blog: A step into Blog 2.0. Innovate 5 (2). (accessed December 3, 2008)
Joao Alves

Multiple Intelligences - 0 views

    A site-based questionnaire generates printable and revisitable multiple intelligence profiles based on Gardner's eight intellingences. Site also allows compilation of group or class results, if you get reference code numbers keyed to individual responses.
    This is a deep bookmark for a survey represented in a site that Mary bookmarked earlier (2008.07.07 JST): kis21learning wiki / A "Digital Arts" Menu for Multiple Intelligences
    The survey itself is from the Birmingham Grid for Learning, "arguably the most comprehensive learning resource of its kind to be found anywhere in the UK" (BGfL: About Us, retrieved 2008.07.08 from,index).
Vernon Fowler

Matching data in a table in Excel® using INDEX and MATCH - a VLOOKUP alternative | Ryan Kirgan's Blog - 5 views

    We can use the MATCH() function.
Yuly Asencion - 7 views

    Rubric builder
mbarek Akaddar

Teaching with Technology / Index - 7 views

    Tools for Creating, Editing,  and Sharing

Nine Notable Uses for Social Bookmarking - 0 views

    • IN PI
      "Therefore, if you can attach an URL to a document, then you could use social bookmarking to organize any kind of document. This change of thinking can provide almost limitless opportunities for information management."
    • IN PI
      Nine uses - A use Information for yourself 1. Create a calendar of upcoming events 2. use bookmarks as a people data base 3. Maintain an on-line folder of research materials and reference sites 4. Create a file indexing system - images, video, audio - for items that are on line: organize them and also graphics and written documents: any kind of file on the Web can be classified and stored. 5. Determine the popularity or a website or a link: if certain bookmarks are being saved by many users, it may be an indication that the material is worth while. B - Share information with other people 6. Create a public on-line portfolio: you can use bookmarks to create a tagged index of your on-line creative work. These groupings of your content may be shared with others in social bookmarking sites. 7. use bookmarks to make new contacts: discover the profile IDs or those who created the bookmarks: you may contact a person that bookmarks a lot of sites that you are looking for too. 8. Become an expert in giving opinions about specific websites. 9. Bookmarks may organize documents by multiple criteria within a single application; but you may use several different bookmarking applications: 9.1. Delicious - large number of users - great sharing. 9.2. Magnoia - with social features making it easier to share ideas. 9.3. Netvouz - powerful search and tagging
    first Web2.0 Wednesday Using social bookmarking to share and organize information; to manage an on-line portfolio
Learning with Computers group

WiA Index - 0 views

    From blog course on LWC. Blogs of many members.

buyer-supplier meetings-spices - 0 views

    Welcome to the International Spice Conference 2016 Jan 21st to 24th, Goa, India For more details..
Walco Solutions

walcosolutions - careers - 0 views

shared by Walco Solutions on 09 Jun 15 - No Cached
    We believe that the most valuable resource of any organisation is the human resource. For more ...
Izzaty P.

Google For Educators - 14 views

    At Google, we support teachers in their efforts to empower students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. That's why we've assembled the information and tools you'll find on this site. Learn more about Google for Educators.
Michèle Drechsler

Socialbookmarking and Education. A survey (english version) - 7 views

The english version : Thank you for your interest. Best regards Michèle Drechsler

socialbookmarking survey education

started by Michèle Drechsler on 13 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
mbarek Akaddar

TOPICS Online Magazine | ESL/EFL | Sandy Peters and Thomas Peters - 6 views

    Online Magazine for Learners of English
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