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Paul Beaufait

MultiBrief: Effectively incorporating technology with English learners - 2 views

  • Perhaps the first consideration is the instructional purpose of the lesson, and how the technology will enhance that purpose or help students to achieve the goals and objectives of the lesson.
  • Technology, as mentioned earlier, has the power to increase student knowledge and skills in various content areas. Yet another consideration that must be taken into account when working with English learners is how the technology is increasing academic language knowledge and skills. It is critical, then, that teachers take into account not only the content goals and objectives for the lesson, but also the language goals and objectives as well as the linguistic demand of the tasks students will need to accomplish in the classroom.
  • English learners need additional instructional supports or scaffolds, including providing students with necessary background knowledge that other students may possess, using graphic organizers, pictures/visuals, demonstrations and realia, and providing redundant information and differentiated instruction based on students' language proficiency level. When researching various technology tools, it is critical that we investigate how the tool addresses these principles.
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  • The use of technology in the classroom is quickly becoming not only commonplace, but also essential for helping students gain the 21st-century skills they will need to be successful in the future.
  • when implementing technology in the classroom, an important component of instruction is to teach students how to use technology effectively and responsibly. Students may need guidance and instruction on how to use technology appropriately given the task and learning at hand, how to avoid distractions with technology, and how to effectively navigate the digital world.
    In this article, Herrmann explains principles to guide the adoption and utilisation of technology to help meet general and specific needs of English-as-an-additional language learners.
Zaid Mark

10 Windows 7 Services You May Disable to Maximize PC Speed - 0 views

    Literally, producing a greater outcome through existing scarce resources is called Optimization. This thought can legitimately be associated with the digital environment. Although, a computer system has limited resources in terms of system memory...
Paul Beaufait

Free online tutorial for using Soundcloud - 15 views

    In this teacher training video, Russell Stannard introduces an easy-to-use audio recording tool, and demonstrates how to sign up, record and upload audio files, add written comments to them, and embed them in a blog.

watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes online { FREE HD MOVIES } - 1 views

    Dawn of the world of the Apes" conspicuously options digital effects during a manner that blurs the road between ancient production classes and should force distinctions to be created within the close to future.The 2013 pic "Gravity" begins with a 13-minute continuous take that shows a read of Earth from house and divulges the space laboratory and also the 3 folks floating in house around it before AN exploded satellite disturbs that tranquility and sets into motion the struggle for survival of the 2 extant astronauts vie by martyr Clooney and Sandra Bullock.
Holly Dilatush

Teacher Tech Videos- Short Tutorials for Teachers to Help in Use of Digital Tools - 30 views

    looks like a great resource!

code prom, code de reduction at Eglobal center - 0 views

Eglobal center is an international online store specializing in the sale of hi-tech equipment. All major brands of digital and computer are present and the shop offers the best possible prices. htt...

cash loans tools technology web2.0

started by shoppingspout-fr on 30 Jan 18 no follow-up yet
Paul Beaufait

Educational approach - WikiEducator - 1 views

  • With regards to digital resources, regrettably there is an inverse relationship between reusability and the educational design of teaching resources. Learning is always contextual, because the demands of the learning tasks may change and the characteristics of individual student groups are usually very different. Good teaching requires careful refinements and adaptations according to student needs in different learning situations.
    This Wikieducator site may be of interest to those of you creating and sharing online resources. I'm just beginning to explore it.
    "The primary aim of Wikieducator is to promote the freedom of educators to teach using open education resources (OERs)" (Introduction, ¶1). This MediaWiki page distinguishes "between interoperability and reusability" and illustrates "the reusability dilemma" (Reusability in education, ¶¶ 4-5).
David Wetzel

Top 10 Online Tools for Teaching Science and Math - 18 views

    Why use Web 2.0 tools in science and math classes? The primary reason is they facilitate access to input and interaction with content through reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These tools offer enormous advantages for science and math teachers, in terms of helping their students learn using Web 2.0 tools. For example: * Most of these tools can be edited from any computer connected to the Internet. Teachers can add, edit and delete information even during class time. * Students learn how to use these tools for academic purposes and, at the same time, can transfer their use to their personal lives and future professional careers. * RSS feeds allow students to access all the desired research information on one page. * Students learn to be autonomous in their learning process.
Paul Beaufait

Duolingo - 5 views

  • Target users of the app would be autonomous users with some existing level of motivation or curiosity for language study who are seeking to refresh basic skills
  • The Duolingo app is probably best used as a supplement to other language learning materials that offer more contextualized authentic language use
    "[T]his review will focus on the iOS iPad version of Duolingo, Apple's 2013 App of the year (Duolingo, 2014) in English (L1) with French as the target language (L2)" (Overview, ¶2). "

PDF Submission Site List 2019 | Dofollow Backlinks PDF Site List 2019 - 0 views

    Here is the list of high PR PDF Submission site list 2019. Submit your PDF file on these sites for dofollow backlinks and referral traffic on your website.
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