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Mark Luci

Best Italian Language Course in NYC - 0 views

    Collina Italiana welcomes you to a unique language program in an authentic Italian setting in which you'll learn the Italian spoken today and discover the contemporary culture of Italy through the culinary arts, wine, film, lectures, conversation, outings, and more. Visit to know more details.
Paul Beaufait

FRONTLINE: growing up online | PBS - 0 views

    Complete program is available for viewing online
    Haven't viewed the program yet, but it sounds like a winner

Towards a Theory of Digital Literacy: Three Scenarios for the Next Steps - 0 views

    • IN PI
      The choice, in this case, is not just between two categories of skills or literacies; it is rather a choice between two cultures, (a) one favoring rationality, continuity, criticism, abstract thinking, individuality, authenticity, systematic planning, and thinking; and (b) the other favoring fragmentation, spontaneity, concrete visual processing of knowledge, connectedness, reproduction, and branching associative thinking.
    • IN PI
      * Should education strive to achieve the enhancement of post modern values, or rather the preservation (as much as possible) of modern values? * Should the aim, instead, be some combination of the two? * If so, what combination (Aviram, 2005; Dator, 1993; Postman, 1992, 1995)?
    • IN PI
      This is indeed the probable default scenario. If that is so, and if the radical hypothesis about the civilization clash is true, it is likely that photo-visual skill, branching skill and reproduction skill will be powerfully enhanced, while the ability for criticism, or indeed, rational thinking of any kind, may deteriorate. Some might take it to be a desired scenario, but if it is, it calls for a conscious decision, rather than being dragged towards it blindly.
    New digital skills - the skeptical theory
Paul Beaufait

What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message? - 0 views

  • change in attitude or action on the part of the audience
  • a medium - this extension of our body or senses or mind - is anything from which a change emerges
  • message may be a change in attitude or action on the part of the audience that results from the medium
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  • noticing change in our societal or cultural ground conditions indicates the presence of a new message, that is, the effects of a new medium
    Mark Federman interprets Marshall McLuhan's "enigmatic paradox, 'The medium is the message.'"
    An ongoing exchange on the Authorship 2.0 blog inspired me to rethink a famous quotation. I found that this essay sports a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license (Notice to Students and Teachers).
mbarek Akaddar

EVO 2011 | - 10 views

  • The Webheads are a world-wide, cross-cultural, and vibrant online-community of educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join. There are many sites by and for Webheads. This site is an attempt to create a Webheads 2.0 portal for our amazing community.  More about the Webheads in Action. 
Paul Beaufait

About Skype in the classroom | Skype Education - 7 views

    "Skype in the classroom is a free online directory for teachers everywhere who want to use Skype to bring education to life" (retrieved 2011.01.13).
mbarek Akaddar

Skype in the classroom (beta) | Skype Education - 16 views

  • Meet new people, discover new cultures and connect with classes from around the world, all without leaving the classroom.
Paul Beaufait

Online Video Resources -- Center for Social Media at American University - 0 views

    videos and other publications
Javier Mejia Torrenegra

Bibliotecas móviles como instrumento para promover la lectura - 0 views

    Cuando pensamos en bibliotecas móviles, siempre las asociamos con los bibliobuses. Sin embargo, existen otros medios de transporte, que son usados en determinadas zonas, a las que no se puede llegar de otra forma: el agua, la selva o el desierto no son barreras para acceder a la lectura. BIBLIOLANCHA En Argentina: Una lancha de 8 m de eslora recorre las islas del Delta del Paraná en el noroeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires. Dotada de un fondo de 2.000 ejemplares, dispone de ordenadores con conexión a Internet y organiza talleres de promoción a la lectura. Es atendida por un "promotor cultural" ayudado por un bibliotecaria y una voluntaria de la zona que se atiende. El inconveniente para poder prestar sus servicio, radica en los elementos climáticos, como en este caso el tema de las crecidas del río.

jordan 6 for sale he has an online business - 0 views

Jordan 6 for sale he has an online business like several of you have said in other posts, Terry has all the qualities in a coach you could ever ask for. I hoped his time at Brea would continue on f...

jordan 6 for sale

started by momo789 on 22 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Syed Amjad Ali

Soft-skills training for employees via E-learning - 0 views

Soft-skills training use full for employee what good looks like and giving the some introductory practice opportunities. Soft-skills are important port in a company culture. Please have a look at f...

Soft-skills training E-learning

started by Syed Amjad Ali on 06 Feb 15 no follow-up yet
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