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Trusted PC Tech Support - 1 views

Computers are the most essential commodity for me, especially for my business. That is why whenever I experiences computer trouble, I would really look for a PC tech support specialist to fix my co...

started by pctechsupport on 13 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Paul Beaufait

Controversies in using technology in language teaching | Teaching English | British Council | BBC - 0 views

    BBC article cites: Barrett, B and Sharma, P (2007) Blended Learning - using technology inside and beyond the language classroom Macmillan Jones, C (1086) 'It's not so much the program, more what you do with it: the importance of methodology in CALL' System 14 / 2, 171-178
Kathleen N

Aviary's Talon: An Awesome Firefox Plug-in For Easy Image Editing - 0 views

    Aviary, the company behind a suite of collaborative web-based image editing software, has released a Firefox plug-in that's a must-have. Create an account at Aviary, download the plug-in called Talon, and within minutes you'll be joyfully clipping full and partial screenshots into the very full-featured Aviary web editor. It's so easy, but at the same time so full-featured, that's a real pleasure to use.
Benjamin Jörissen

rre : Message: [RRE]The Social Life of Information - 0 views

  • The importance of people as creators and carriers of knowledge is forcing organizations to realize that knowledge lies less in its databases than in its people.
  • Learning to be requires more than just information. It requires the ability to engage in the practice in question. Indeed, Bruner's distinction highlights another, made by the philosopher Gilbert Ryle. He distinguishes "know that" from "know how".
  • This claim of Polanyi's resembles Ryle's argument that "know that" doesn't produce "know how," and Bruner's that learning about doesn't, on its own, allow you to learn to be. Information, all these arguments suggest, is on its own not enough to produce actionable knowledge. Practice too is required.
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  • Despite the tendency to shut ourselves away and sit in Rodinesque isolation when we have to learn, learning is a remarkably social process. Social groups provide the resources for their members to learn.
  • Learning and Identity Shape One Another
  • Bruner, with his idea of learning to be, and Lave and Wenger, in their discussion of communities of practice, both stress how learning needs to be understood in relation to the development of human identity.
  • In learning to be, in becoming a member of a community of practice, an individual is developing a social identity.
  • So, even when people are learning about, in Bruner's terms, the identity they are developing determines what they pay attention to and what they learn. What people learn about, then, is always refracted through who they are and what they are learning to be.
  • In either case, the result, as the anthropologist Gregory Bateson puts it neatly, is "a difference that makes a difference". 29 The importance of disturbance or change makes it almost inevitable that we focus on these.
  • So to understand the whole interaction, it is as important to ask how the lake is formed as to ask how the pebble got there. It's this formation rather than information that we want to draw attention to, though the development is almost imperceptible and the forces invisible in comparison to the drama and immediacy of the pebble. It's not, to repeat once more, the information that creates that background. The background has to be in place for the information to register.
  • The forces that shape the background are, rather, the tectonic social forces, always at work, within which and against which individuals configure their identity. These create not only grounds for reception, but grounds for interpretation, judgment, and understanding.
    • Benjamin Jörissen
      kulturelle Muster, die qua Sozialisation erworben werden, und die in Bildungsprozessen verändert werden.
  • A Brief Note on the "Social"
  • It took Karl Marx to point out, however, that Crusoe is not a universal. On his island (and in Defoe's mind), he is deeply rooted in the society from which he came
  • Jean-Paul Sartre
  • We need not watch long before we can explain it: he is playing at being a waiter in a cafe . . . . [T]he waiter plays with his condition in order to realize it
  • So while people do indeed learn alone, even when they are not stranded on desert islands or in small cafes, they are nonetheless always enmeshed in society, which saturates our environment, however much we might wish to escape it at times.
  • For the same reason, however, members of these networks are to some degree divided or separated from people with different practices. It is not the different information they have that divides them.
  • Rather, it is their different attitudes or dispositions toward that information -- attitudes and dispositions shaped by practice and identity -- that divide. Consequently, despite much in common, physicians are different from nurses, accountants from financial planners.
  • two types of work-related networks
  • First, there are the networks that link people to others whom they may never get to know but who work on similar practices. We call these "networks of practice"
  • Second, there are the more tight-knit groups formed, again through practice, by people working together on the same or similar tasks. These are what, following Lave and Wenger, we call "communities of practice".
  • Networks of Practice
  • The 25,000 reps working for Xerox make up, in theory, such a network.
Paul Beaufait

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: Crowdsourcing Knowledge with Students - 4 views

    Peachey recommends "a very simple brainstorming and voting website called tricider ... that it is incredibly quick and simple to use" (¶1, retrieved 2011.07.05).
Precious Smith

Water Filters For Safe Drinking Water - 1 views

I can never be sure of the quality of the tap water that my family is drinking. With that, I need to take the extra mile of pre-caution to be safe. So I heard about Body Guard Water Systems that pr...

Water filter Philippines

started by Precious Smith on 10 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
James Stewart

Fast and Accurate Computer Help to the Rescue - 1 views

I was about to start my presentation when my computer to hung up on me. It was really a big inconvenience for me, not to mention very embarrassing. Good thing I was able to renew my subscription to...

computer technical help

started by James Stewart on 13 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
shalani mujer

Trusted PC Tech Support - 1 views

Computers are the most essential commodity for me, especially for my business. That is why whenever I experiences computer trouble, I would really look for a PC tech support specialist to fix my co...

PC tech support

started by shalani mujer on 12 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
seth kutcher

Computer Tech Experts Fixed My Internet Connection - 1 views

I used to experience intermittent connection and I always ended up feeling so mad and disappointed. I was not able to finish anything because of the unstable connection. Good thing my sister told m...

computer repair tech

started by seth kutcher on 02 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
seth kutcher

Excellent Computer Repair Service - 1 views

My work relies heavily on computer. That is why I cannot afford to delay my report just because I am having computer problems. I bought this computer unit 5 years ago and maybe because it is alread...

computer repair

started by seth kutcher on 02 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
seth kutcher

Top Online PC Repair Service - 1 views

I consider my computer as my best friend because it is through it that I make a living. I have an online business and in order for me to monitor my sales, I need to stay in front of my PC for more ...

online PC repair

started by seth kutcher on 02 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Brain Adam

Asterisk Expert 24/7 support at Low Cost - 0 views

    Asterisk Expert Offering Low price 24/7 Support at the same time We are offering Calls Answering Services
Alex K.

hp-slate-2-back-231 - 0 views

    Apple's control of key materials: Materials like high-quality aluminum were purchased in such large quantities that Apple virtually cornered the market for certain materials. Because PC makers were not responding to threats like this, Microsoft feared PC players were falling further and further behind Apple. Shortcomings of the Microsoft-Intel business model: Microsoft and Intel -- so-called "Wintel" -- sucked up much of the profit, leaving PC makers with limited resources to innovate.
Zaid Mark

How To Troubleshoot Firefox Issues Caused By Malware - 0 views

    Operating system is designed to help the user in many ways. In addition, users want to have a secured system, which works efficiently. However, while browsing on the net, certain programs are installed without user's consent. In addition, these programs are harmful for the system and they can damage your system. In result, system's efficiency and credibility decreases if they are not removed. Such malicious programs are called Malware. At times, your favorite browser Mozilla Firefox also crashes and behaves weird when malware installed on the system. To protect the system from threatening programs, one should optimize pc.
robert smith

Phlebotomy Certification Courses - 0 views

    Phlebotomy Certification Courses provides you useful information and guides about to becoming Certified Phlebotomist, And Phlebotomy Training Schools info.
    What is Phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is drawing or collecting blood in the human body through veins. This process adapts the ancient medical procedure called
    What is Phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is drawing or collecting blood in the human body through veins. This process adapts the ancient medical procedure called
Zaid Mark

Registry Recycler - Free Registry Cleaner - 0 views

    The persistent use of applications on Windows ends up with specific information accumulated at a point of storage called Windows Registry. Registry retains and arranges such information in order to align the operations. Beside, being vital for proficient operations, this pack of information can cause hurdles in smooth functioning of OS.

1800-790-9186 Canon Canon printer help desk number - YouTube - 0 views

    we provide 24X7 Support for canon printers call us on 1800 790 9186 for resolve any issue about canon printer technical support phone printer contact number @1800 790 9186

PHP Ajax Crud - Insert Update Delete with Stored Procedure - 0 views

    In this post you can find how can we Select or fetch, insert or add, update or edit, delete or remove mysql table data by using stored procedure in php script which is called by Ajax JQuery method without page refresh.
Zaid Mark

How to Fix Skype Crashing Issue - 0 views

    Skype crashing in middle of the video call is an overwhelming and irritating issue you can ever come across. However, there are ways you can fix this error immediately.
Zaid Mark

Repair & Speed Up Your Internet through DNS Settings - 0 views

    Domain Name Server or DNS is a technology that translates a web address into a numeric IP address, which is logical and readable by the computer. This duty of interpretation performed by DNS is called name resolution.
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