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Meister Lehnsherr

Free German Lessons on YouTube - 0 views

    You want to learn German? Then you're in the right place! Studying a new language can be difficult so I will make learning German as fun as possible for you. This channel offers a whole range of methods to learn German that'll immerse you in the German language and culture from wherever you are in the world! So take a break from your school books, dictionary and grammar studies and Get Germanized with me instead! "learn German - Get Germanized" will help you to make learning German fun, fast and effective!
Valentina Dodge

YouTube - English360's Channel - 14 views

    With English360, English teaching is changing. Our web-based learning platform can be used to create and deliver face-to-face, online and blended courses. Teachers an create personalised courses using digital authoring tools that let you combine coursebook content from Cambridge University Press
    What a great way to improve learning in the online field. Thanks for posting!
Carla Arena

Top 100 Tools for Learning: Analysis - 0 views

  • For workplace learning For formal education PowerPoint Audacity Articulate Moodle Snagit Captivate Slideshare Word Flash Camtasia learn flickr PowerPoint Wikispaces Slideshare Voicethread Audacity Moodle Ning Jing.
    • Holly Dilatush
      (bummer! I had typed a fairly long note on this, and then clicked to a different tab and lost it? apologies if this is a duplicate) Try again: Interesting list -- which do you use? PowerPoint, Audacity, Moodle and SlideShare made both lists. Does this spur your thinking/reflecting about attitudinal differences commonly recurring between workplace and higher ed/adult ed? In light of the likely funnelling of (USA) adult ed funding from K-12 and toward workforce (Workforce Investment Act), is there something to be learned here? More research would be interesting. Why would certain delivery solutions be preferred/selected by one group over another? thoughts? comments? reactions?
    • Carla Arena
      Holly, Very interesting questions for reflection. I don't know why one was chosen over the other in different spheres, but my guess is that in the workplace, it seems to have more of paid softwares like captivate, camtasia, etc, whereas in the formal educaton environment, some read/write web tools with free versions. Also, at the workplace the tools seem to be more of delivery of content, while in formal education, they're more related to social software with possibilities of social construction of knowledge. What do you think?
    I think Carla might be on to something where she surmises workplace content delivery (or training), in contrast to education, as well as the attractiveness of free and open source tools to educators. The Top 100 Tools...: Analysis page cross-links to a CLPT programme on free tools (, which in turn links to a Ning group, whose intro. pairs education with training instead of learning. Perhaps learning is too broad a term for the Top 100 Tools proposed for workplaces. It is also interesting to note that the top ten for neither workplaces nor formal educational settings include web browsers. It is hard to imagine using either Moodle or Slideshare without a browser, isn't it?
anamaria menezes - Learn English (ESL/EFL) with free videos from Learn, Google Video,, and other video hosting websites. - 0 views

    Learn English (ESL/EFL) with free videos from Learn, Google Video,, and other video hosting websites.
Paul Beaufait

omigrad - YouTube - 10 views

    "Kid's Songs - Official ELF Learning Playlist 1-10 of 13 / Fun songs for children and students" (2012.06.19)
Paul Beaufait

Teaching Topics: Jack C. Richards - EFL CLASSROOM 2.0 - 5 views

    This page features a compilation of over twenty videos (YouTube) and related materials (PDFs) on language YouTubeing and teaching produced by Jack C. Richards.
Illya Arnet

YouTube - Integrating podcasting into your classroom - 0 views

    ideas and instructions on how to use podcasting for learning purposes
Shane Col

How To Use PresenterMedia Video Backgrounds - 10 views

    One of the problems when using PowerPoint with video backgrounds is that if you move forward the slide then the video background will start over again and again. The smart guys behind PresenterMedia proposed here a simple solution to avoid this issue in PowerPoint and let you make professional PowerPoint presentations with a continuous looped video background. The solution is simple, instead of using slides use text shapes and animations with a single slide. By watching the video on Youtube embedded on this article, you can Youtube how to use video backgrounds in your presentation and take advantage of the awesome video backgrounds that you can download from
    Thank you for sharing this. I'm trying to learn on how to create presentations using powerpoint.. and this could be very useful for me. Thanks again.
software villa

software villa's Public Library | Diigo - 0 views

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TutStu | Introduction - YouTube - 0 views

    At TutStu, it's DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Search for Online Tutors in any Subject or Branch. Find & Select your own Tutor. Get Unlimited FREE Online Tutoring Sessions or Trial Classes. Finalize a Tutor. Fix regular eTutoring appointments with your Tutor. Learn from Tutors, LIVE, ONLINE, using Video Conferencing (Audio + Video + Chat + Whiteboard). Pay your Online Tutors, directly.
anamaria menezes

YouTube - britishcouncil4teens's Channel - 0 views

    Channel for the British Council Isle in Teen Second Life (
andrew bendelow

YouTube - ISTE 2011 Opening Keynote: Dr. John Medina (full-length) - 9 views

    ISTE keynote looks to the next generation of teaching software that "reads" students
Nelba Quintana

Classroom2.0: Twitter, and participatory learning at melanie mcbride online - 0 views

  • I do not use a textbook. It is not that I dislike textbooks. It is that my textbook is the web. My textbook is YOU and ME and NOW.
  • That’s my virtual, live, textbook - licensed under Creative Commons. And students don’t have to blow 60 bucks on it either. And they can subscribe to this textbook using their favourite feed reader.
  • As I explained to my class, the most important stuff to know about the web is what’s happening RIGHT NOW. I
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Youtube tutorials
    educational web strategy + consulting
    BLOG by Melanie McBride

Steps for Generating Norton's Mobile Protection - 1 views

    In this video, you will learn Steps for generating Norton's Mobile protection. Follow the steps to know - how to generate Norton's Mobile protection and in case you need any assistance, dial Norton Technical Support Number 1-800-958-211.

Rectifying the Issue When you see the Message 'Coming Soon' in Norton - 1 views

    In this video, you will learn Rectifying the issue when you see the message 'coming soon' in Norton. follow the steps and in case you need any assistance then dial Norton Customer Support toll-free number 1-800-958-211.
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