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Integrating Technology to Technology Classes:Opening doors to a new world! - 0 views

    Isabel's presentation: Introducing technology into technology classes
Paul Beaufait

Learning technology teacher development blog: Text to Speech for technology ESL Materials - 1 views

    Nik Peachey previews (beta) online text-to-speech converter, prior to suggesting ways for EAL learners to use it for help "with their listening, reading and pronunciation" (¶2)
    Nik may (have) announce(d) this post on the mailing list. He's looking for teachers to try out ReadTheWords.
Paul Beaufait

Learning technology teacher development blog: Using wikis with technology students - 0 views

    "This tutorial shows you how simple it is to edit the wiki (2008.05.29), and suggests ways of using wikis with students.
    One in a series: Related posts * How to create a wiki * Using wikis for teacher development
Holly Dilatush

Learning technology teacher development blog for ELT: Video conferencing for technology - 0 views

  • You could get in touch with someone for your class to interview. Just have one computer plus camera set up in class, and a visiting expert, friend or colleague on the other end for your students to interview. They could also interview an expert in groups
    • Holly Dilatush
      check these great ideas out!
    some great ideas for class projects!!!
Paul Beaufait

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: 20 + Things you can do with QR codes in your school - 8 views

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