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Muslim Academy

The History of Islam - A Complete Overview (Chapter # 1) - 0 views

    Before going to look at the history of Islam, it would be a good idea to first have a quick look upon the pre Islamic era and particularly the condition of Arab world before the arrival of Islam. Before the advent of Islam in Arab, the ignorance was very common in Arab. There was no concept of education in Arab, people use to bury their daughters alive, and idol worship was common, people of Arab used to worship more than 365 idols. Vulgarism and drinking habits were their common attributes. So, now you can well imagine the whole condition of Arabs before the advent of Islam. But just after the advent of Islam, the Arabs experience socio, political economic revolution. First let us have look upon the immediate consequences after the advent of Islam in Arab world, these immediate consequences started showing during the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). Islam gave the system of Adal (justice) due to which the level of crime significantly reduced. Before Islam it was common to observe killing, adultery, rape and theft and other such issues. Due to the justice system of Islam all such crimes rapidly reduced. Similarly, Islam gave respect and honor to women who were humiliated and suppressed before the arrival of Islam. Islam made it compulsory for every Muslim to get educated. During the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the centers of Islam were the holy cities of Madina and Makkah. However, after the prophet Islam started to spread outside the Arabia as well. We can divide the post prophet (peace be upon him) era into three categories that are the era of 4 caliphs of Islam namely Abu Bakar (r.A), Umar (r.A), Usman ( r.A) as well as Ali (r.A), the era of Umayyad and Abbasid dynasty and the era afterwards. Each era has a number of distinctive features that we would discuss latter. Here it is worthwhile to mention that the eras of Abu Bakar (r.A), Umar (r.A), Usman (r.A) and Ali (r.A) were purely based upon the principles of Khilafah and all
Paul Beaufait

SAS and R: Options foR teaching R to beginneRs: a false dichotomy? - 4 views

    Horton, Nick. (2017.07.27). Options for teaching r to beginners . . . [weblog post].
Paul Beaufait

There is No Web 3.0, There is No Web 2.0 - There is Just the Web - readWriteWeb - 0 views

  • conclusion: Tim O'Reilly, the man cRedited with populaRizing the teRm Web 2.0, doesn't actually believe it exists. FoR O'Reilly, theRe is just the web Right now. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 -- it's all the same eveR-changing web.
  • matters is the discussions we have
    One web to rule them all, One web to find them, One web to bring them all, and In the present bind them. (poetic frame from J.r.r. Tolkein's Lord of the rings)
    The Web need not be new and different. "[W]hat matters are the discussions" (Catone, There is No Web 3.0..., ¶8, 2008.04.24, after O'reilly, days earlier).

jordan 6 retro sport blue for sale barack obama has to put on his pants every morning - 0 views

Jordan 6 retro sport blue for sale barack obama has to put on his pants every morning stocking up: Sharp Mary Birch Hospital Women Health Alliance will host "What in Your Fridge, from 6 to 8 tonigh...

jordan 6 retro sport blue for sale

started by momo789 on 08 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
Learning with Computers group

Repeat afteR us - 0 views

    Welcome to our Worldwide Family of Learning! Created by a high school student, repeatAfterUs is an award-winning online library with the best collection of copyright-free English texts and scripted recordings. Our free audio clips provide an excellent r
Paul Beaufait

English: Who speaks English? | The Economist - 3 views

  • This was not a statistically controlled study: the subjects took a free test online and of their own accord. 
  • But Philip Hult, the boss of EF, says that his sample shows results similar to a more scientifically controlled but smaller study by the British Council.
  • Several factors correlate with English ability.  Wealthy countries do better overall. But smaller wealthy countries do better still: the larger the number of speakers of a country’s main language, the worse that country tends to be at English.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Export dependency is another correlate with English. Countries that export more are better at English (though it’s not clear which factor causes which).
  • Teaching plays a role, too. Starting young, while it seems a good idea, may not pay off: children between eight and 12 learn foreign languages faster than younger ones, so each class hour on English is better spent on a 10-year-old than on a six-year-old.
  • Teaching plays a role, too. Starting young, while it seems a good idea, may not pay off: children between eight and 12 learn foreign languages faster than younger ones, so each class hour on English is better spent on a 10-year-old than on a six-year-old.
    R.L.G. (2011.04.05) suggests a laRge-scale study of an uncontRolled sample population "confiRms ... steReotypes" (¶1), and "shows Results similaR to ... [an unspecified] study by the BRitish Council" (¶3 [URL fRom oRiginal, RetRieved 2011.04.14).
Intesab Husain

Ceiling Mount PIR Occupancy SensoR FoR LaboRatoRy And R&D CentRe | PAMMVI - 0 views

    Steinel German quality 230v 50Hz PIr occupancy sensor and presence detector for Laboratory and r&D centre
Hurray Software Academy

SAP BASIS|SAP Training in Bangalore-HUrrAY Software Academy - 0 views

    ERP,SAP Technical:LeaRn SAP basis with sap R/3 aRchitectuRe,system monitoRing fRom good tRaineR with industRy exposuRe. FoR mRoe details visit:
Julie Golden

Need your help! - 0 views

Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you. Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send...

learningwithcomputers education learning online teaching web2.0 technology elearning edtech research

started by Julie Golden on 11 Sep 15 no follow-up yet
Ninja Essays

Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors - 0 views

    From Mark Twain to everyone's favorite George r.r. Martin, here is what some of the most famous writers used to produce their works!
Paul Beaufait

CTL: Learning Environments - 0 views

    This Center for Technology in Learning page introduces activities of the center which focus on learning environments, lists current projects, and includes a list of selected publications, many of which are available online.
    I happened upon the site by following a reference to Tapped In (r) from the Unsung Hero... post on Authorship 2.0 (June 18, 2008).
David Wetzel

Web Based Science Inquiry Learning Centers: Combining Online resources with Classroom Science Investigations | - 8 views

    Web-based learning centers engage students by using interactive internet resources aligned with inquiry-based hands-on classroom activities to learn science concepts.
Native Mentor

Find Best Trainer & qualified tutors in Ahmedabad - 0 views

    Find best, qualified & experts trainers, instructor, tutors in Ahmedabad. Get a quick view profile details, education & tuition experience & tutoring Prices & student reviews
Kelly Clayson

Get Short Term Cash Loans Online For Suffering Of Cash Troubles : shorttermloansonline - 0 views

    reddit: the front page of the internet
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