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Carla Arena

How could you incorporate Diigo into your classroom/session setting in a pegagogically sound way? | Diigo - 0 views

  • I created a list to one of my courses where my students themselves brought a video about environment : A beautiful lie.It was a really good experience because of the richness of their comments. Some of them in a good English , some of them in Spanglish.I had the idea to go on with that topic so I made a list with three pages (just an experiment) I highlighted some paragraphs and sticked notes suggesting the activity we're going to do with that.Then I got the widget and embeded into my blog.
    Wonderful idea shared by Susana Canelo.
Zaid Mark

Eliminate Virus with Windows Registry - 0 views

    An open network like internet is more than a dream coming true. World Wide Web has enabled the surfers to access unlimited treasures of information, and roam globally simply through their fingertips. This amenity, accompanied with a hi-tech appliance, is a perfect blend for being ultra-modernized.
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