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10 Online Geography Games That Help Kids Know More About The World - 0 views

    Today's online games based on maps are not only fun but they are very cool educational tools. Kids of today have it so much better with all the edutainment stuff they can call up with a mouse click. Help your kids learn more about the world with these ten online geography games. You too can jump in.
Holly Dilatush

24 hours in pictures | News | - 0 views

    fun to use for conversation prompts; nice mix of geography, reality, fun, sorrow, unusual

Why Full-Stack Development is Best to Upgrade Your Career? - 0 views

    Full-stack development is becoming a vital post as many professionals, as well as companies, realize its value. Thanks to its self-explanatory title, the full-stack developer skills do take time to hone and therefore promise heaps of profits. First, let's look at what it means. What is meant by full-stack development? Full-stack development is a skill set owned by a developer that can work around a project's both front and back ends. It allows them to handle clients, servers, and databases. Different kinds of stacks are used depending on the requirements, some of these are listed below: 1. Ruby on Rails (PHP, SQLite, Ruby) 2. Lamp stack (MySQL, Linux, PHP, and Apache) 3. Mean stack (Angular JS, MongoDB, Node.js, Express) Why become a full-stack developer? There are plenty of reasons why being a full stack developer would benefit you in the long run mentioned here: 1. High recruitment There is a huge demand for the skills owned by a full-stack developer. The reason is simple, as they are expected to 1. Cover presentation aspects 2. Work on logic 3. Handle databases In the last 2 years, the demand has risen up to 20%, so has the full-stack developer salary in India alongside it, making them a lucrative prospect for current IT students. 2. Not hard to learn The nature of their job is to be an all-rounder, not a specialist. A student just needs enough motivation in the web development arena to learn multiple skills and get started. 3. Wide portfolio What's more inspiring is that students don't need to go to a university to land a job, companies are willing to accept capable candidates who are skilled with a wide-ranging portfolio. However, it's best to learn by opting for a specialized full-stack developer course from a reputable institute. 4. No dependencies This is a job that doesn't need much cooperation with others as far as the back and front end development are concerned. A full-stack developer's skills range widely: 1. HTML DOM 2. S
Yuly Asencion

Juicy Geography - 0 views

shared by Yuly Asencion on 03 Jan 10 - Cached
    ICT and original Google Earth lessons
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