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5 Google Buzz Tips f or the Advanced User - 9 views

  • Google Buzz understands a little bit of the Textile Markup Language. Here are the markups he found that work: (*)word(*) = bold (_)word(_) = italics (-)word(-) = strikethrough (--) = em-dash Note: Use those without the ()
    Thanks to Carla Arena for tipping me on these useful tips!

Live Blogging with Google Docs at The Journey - 0 views

    Great idea to use during live events. This year, during the TESOL conference, I blogged live by using the iPhone and writing on a post as I watched the presentation. Some friends said that the profited from it as they couldn't be there and I was sharing at the exact moment things were happening. Would love to hear from you if you try it any time soon.

The Web2.0 in 64 seconds at The Journey - 0 views

    Dear all, I'd like to invite you to take part in this wonderful project called Web2.0Wednesday . Join us! Fun, enriching, connected. This is my first production based on the task proposed for this Wednesday. How would you define the Web2.0 in one minute?
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