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Paul Beaufait

10 Reasons Why I Want My Students to Blog - Getting Smart by Susan Lucille Davis - DigL... - 11 views

  • For my money (which usually means free), blogging provides the best venue for teaching student writing.
  • This emphasis on process encourages reflection and re-thinking, doubling back on earlier posts and feedback to watch how the process of learning unfolds.
  • Transparency requires being comfortable in your own skin; it requires being who you say you are; it requires a healthy openness and an equally healthy sense of privacy armed with a modicum of skepticism.
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  • Being truly Internet savvy in today’s world means learning how to be honest about who you are, professional in your dealings with others, and willing to learn openly from mistakes as well as from successes.
    Davis (2012.10.22) supports her assertion, "For my money (which usually means free), blogging provides the best venue for teaching student writing" ( ¶1).
Paul Beaufait

Educational Leadership:Reading Comprehension:Making Sense of Online Text - 11 views

  • The following strategy lesson invites students to stop, think, and anticipate where important information about a Web site's content might be found
  • To move students beyond simply cutting and pasting their notes directly into their final projects, teachers can provide students with a word-processing document (see fig. 3) that serves as a template to help them organize their research
    Coiro, Julie. (2005). Making sense of online text. Educational Leadership 62(2), 30-35. Retrieved September 21, 2011, from "Four challenges face students as they use Internet technologies to search for, navigate, critically evaluate, and synthesize information. Here ... [Coiro] pose[s] each challenge as a question and suggest a corresponding activity that models effective strategies to help students meet that challenge" (A New Kind of Literacy, ¶3).
Paul Beaufait

Action! Get the Cameras Rolling with Digital Storytelling - 0 views

    Thanks to Carla A. for pointing out this rich resource collection!
    Making Teachers Nerdy Blog post sharing "resources to help you get started In exploring what digital storytelling is, what web 2.0 tools are available to use, blogs from other Ed-tech folks who are brilliant in digital storytelling, and few ideas to spark your imagination"
Barbara Moose

Education Week's Digital Directions: Tech Literacy Confusion - 0 views

    A growing chorus of experts say schools should teach students to be proficient in "technology literacy"-but the definition of it is ambiguous.
Carla Arena

About Throughout the Ages - 0 views

    A wonderful site for visual literacy. It gives teachers lots of practical tips on how to use visual literacy in the classroom and the photos archives with historical background and questions are great. Though it is meant for American schools, lost of interesting resources and ideas.
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