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50 Incredible Social Sites for Social Change | Clear View Education Blog - 4 views

    For those who have a greater calling and want to make a difference in the world, these 50 sites have responded by setting up social platforms designed to connect volunteers, charities, entrepreneurs, and individuals.
isaac Mao

Learning 2.0: The Threat (and promise) of Social Interaction - Bokardo - 0 views

  • So the shift to public display, a shift to expected social interaction, changed the way the students learned and the effort they put into their education. If that’s not an incentive to experiment with and use social software I don’t know what is. social software isn’t just a new way to work, it changes the effort we put into that work. Now there is a sound byte for social media consultants.

100 Best Social Sites for Students, Academics and Educators | Associate Degree - Facts and Information - 29 views

    A number of schools are even hiring to accommodate the increase in students. For those heading back to school, here are the 100 best social sites for students, academics and educators.
Qien Kuen

Engaged Learning » Blog Archive » Social Learning Question of the Day (@slqotd) - 0 views

    social learning question of the Day with twitter
isaac Mao

El sharismo de Isaac Mao | Blog Nodos Ele - 0 views

  • La capacidad de compartir con nuestros estudiantes a partir del respeto a su individualidad va más allá de esa interpretación chata de la dimensión afectiva del aprendizaje tan de moda. Es a partir del respeto al individuo, a su decisión libre de interactuar o no, y de poner en juego estratégicamente su inteligencia conectiva como es posible entender una enseñanza libre de falsos ídolos y que responda a los fundamentos de la naturaleza humana.
isaac Mao

Forming Social Memories - 7 views

  • such as the amygdala, which is specialized in the memory of emotions.
Qien Kuen

Please Sir, how do you re-tweet? - Twitter to be taught in UK primary schools - 0 views

  • The British government is proposing that Twitter is to be taught in primary (elementary) schools as part of a wider push to make online communication and social media a permanent part of the UK’s education system.
  • Kids will be taught blogging, podcasting and how to use Wikipedia alongside Maths, English and Science.
Qien Kuen

World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others | Edutopia - 1 views

  • Welcome to the Collaboration Age, where even the youngest among us are on the Web, tapping into what are without question some of the most transformative connecting technologies the world has ever seen. These tools are allowing us not only to mine the wisdom and experiences of the more than one billion people now online but also to connect with them to further our understanding of the global experience and do good work together. These tools are fast changing, decidedly social, and rich with powerful learning opportunities for us all, if we can figure out how to leverage their potential.
Oliver Ding

A new way to weaving knowledge of the World - 25 views

Thanks for invitation from Isaac. I just got idea about knowledge of social brain. Diigo > microblogging > regular blogging > Knol or Wikipedia > Books For spreading idea or meme, other way:) C...

knowledge sharing way

started by Oliver Ding on 14 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
isaac Mao

Joho the Blog » Internet not the child-devouring swamp many adults fear - 0 views

  • A three-year research project, headed by Mimi Ito, involving 28 researchers and 800 subjects, and sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, finds that the stereotypical idea of the Internet as a soul-devouring, anti-social wasteland for our kids is just plain wrong. If you suspected otherwise, now you know you were right.
  • The researchers identified two distinctive categories of teen engagement with digital media: friendship-driven and interest-driven. While friendship-driven participation centered on “hanging out” with existing friends, interest-driven participation involved accessing online information and communities that may not be present in the local peer group.
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