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isaac Mao

The Human Brain - Exercise - 9 views

  • Only recently have scientists been able to learn how the neural network of the brain forms. Beginning in the womb and throughout life this vast network continues to expand, adapt, and learn.
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  • Plasticity is the basic mental drive that networks your brain, giving you cognition and memory – fluidity, versatility, and adaptability.
  • Before birth you created neurons, the brain cells that communicate with each other, at the rate of 15 million per hour! When you emerged into the world, your 100 billion neurons were primed to organize themselves in response to your new environment – no matter the culture, climate, language, or lifestyle.
  • A healthy, well-functioning neuron can be directly linked to tens of thousands of other neurons,
  • A healthy, well-functioning neuron can be directly linked to tens of thousands of other neurons, creating a totality of more than a hundred trillion connections – each capable of performing 200 calculations per second!
  • Many neuroscientists believe that learning and memory involve changes at neuron-to-neuron synapses.
  • Travel is another good way to stimulate your brain. It worked for our ancestors, the early Homo sapiens. Their nomadic lifestyle provided a tremendous stimulation for their brains that led to the development of superior tools and survival skills. In comparison, the now-extinct Neanderthal was a species that for thousands of years apparently did not venture too far from their homes. (Maybe they were simply content with their lives – in contrast to the seldom-satisfied sapien.)
  • Exercise is a natural part of life, although these days we have to consciously include it in our daily routine. Biologically, it was part of survival, in the form of hunting and gathering or raising livestock and growing food. Historically, it was built into daily life, as regular hours of physical work or soldiering. What is now considered a form of exercise – walking –was originally a form of transportation.
Ken Lee

YouTube - EDU - 0 views

isaac Mao

智慧教育之一:认识人的智慧 - 0 views

    A very Chinese-style amateur research
Ken Lee

MIT World | Distributed Intelligence - 3 views

shared by Ken Lee on 16 Apr 09 - Cached
  • MIT World is a free and open site that provides on demand video of significant public events at MIT. MIT World's video index contains more than 600 videos.
isaac Mao

Joho the Blog » Internet not the child-devouring swamp many adults fear - 0 views

  • A three-year research project, headed by Mimi Ito, involving 28 researchers and 800 subjects, and sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, finds that the stereotypical idea of the Internet as a soul-devouring, anti-social wasteland for our kids is just plain wrong. If you suspected otherwise, now you know you were right.
  • The researchers identified two distinctive categories of teen engagement with digital media: friendship-driven and interest-driven. While friendship-driven participation centered on “hanging out” with existing friends, interest-driven participation involved accessing online information and communities that may not be present in the local peer group.
leo bnu

一位世界级专家的学习研究关注(二) at 益学会 > 教育中文翻译 - 0 views

  • 如果我们能够理解人类的思维是如何学习的,我们就能够理解如何管理我们的学习资源网络。
  • 社会性网络理论时代,这是Duncan J. Watts等人开创的领域
  • 学习网络这个项目在理论上、以及超越理论的目的,就是要建立或帮助人们建立各种工具,当它们被大量使用时,将会产生出一个自我组织的网络来。
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  • 想象一下一个这样的文字处理软件,它会在你输入论文时,向你建议你在那时可能想阅读和使用的参考资料。它工作良好,不会有偏见,也没有背后的商业动机。想象这样一个网络:在你创建出自己的学习资源后,如果打算将其放到开放市场上去销售,它能够立刻准确地告诉你,你的资源价值几何。
leo bnu

一位世界级专家的学习研究关注(一) at 益学会 > 教育中文翻译 - 0 views

  • 语义网(Semantic Web)是其中之一,它最重要的洞见,是学习资源可标准化描述。
  • 一张图片到底是科学的还是色情的,由解读来决定,并不由物质载体本身。
  • 推荐系统包含三种类型的数据:资源的描述、个人的描述,具体的评估或排序的信息。
isaac Mao

[数字生活] Kidzui:儿童自由徜徉互联网世界的金钥匙-华尔街日报 - 0 views

  • 由圣迭戈同名公司KidZui提供的这项服务声称它能向儿童们提供50万条与无害网站、图片和视频的链接,被链接的内容涵盖了从流行文化到科学、从搞笑作品和游戏到历史的诸多领域。儿童们通过这项服务可观看《美国偶像》(American Idol)的最新竞逐,了解有关恐龙的知识,探索历史或访问网娃(Webkinz)和企鹅俱乐部(Club Penguin)等知名儿童网站。
  • 这项服务可以对儿童用以上网的电脑进行有选择的设置,以确保儿童不能脱离KidZui通过电脑的标准浏览器上网。父母可以将KidZui设置为电脑启动后自动以全屏模式出现在屏幕上。在这种模式下,KidZui能让那些可使用户转向或启动其他程序的按键、图标、指令和手法自动失效,或将其隐藏。
  • 在这一系统内我可以登录《华尔街日报》的网站,并在站内搜索Spitzer(斯皮策)这个词,屏幕上立即出现了一则关于这位纽约州前州长性丑闻的报导。
isaac Mao

假如我是校长_中国思者_新浪博客 - 1 views

  • 通过这种方式将教师从繁重的无意义的形式主义的作业批改中解放出来,使教师通过作业研究来深入的了解学生的知识缺陷和各种个性缺陷,深入、全面、有效的为学生的学习进步扫除障碍。
Ken Lee

关于知识产权和公共领域的多语教育资源系统 - 0 views

isaac Mao

101 Killer Open Courseware Projects from Around the World: Ivy League and Beyond | The .Edu Toolbox - 1 views

  • How will you obtain a higher education? Some major headlines in 2009 already play on the fears about how to pay for a higher education. Press releases from colleges want to quell those fears about monies for college, and politicians have introduced legislation to make education more affordable.
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