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isaac Mao

Study Shows How The Brain Pays Brain; Neural Circuits That Control Eye Movements Play Multiple Roles In Visual Brain - 2 views

  • "Without regulating your attention, you would orient to everything that appears and moves. An organism that couldn't filter anything just wouldn't work. It would be in a state of constant distraction," said Moore. "This work shows that, whether we are moving our eyes or not, the networks that control eye movements may be a source of that filtering."
isaac Mao

Stilling the Mind: An Interview with Linda Lantieri | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Resilience is the ability to successfully manage life and adapt to stressful events. Resilience is developed in childhood, when there are loving people available to help during difficult times, but if a child feels alone, resilience is not developed just because challenging things are happening.
  • Due to recent brain research on neuroplasticity, we know that brains are growing and creating neural pathways during childhood and through adolescence. What's new in this book is the focus on a repetitive practice that strengthens these neural pathways and teaches young people concrete skills to calm themselves and focus their brain.
  • The interesting part of the connection between stress and learning is that the prefrontal cortex of the brain is the area for paying brain, calming, and focusing as well as the area for short- and long-term memory.
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  • Also, when children are upset, nervous, or angry and cannot manage their distressing emotions, they are not in an optimal zone for learning and retrieving information. They may know something for the test, but they are not able to access it.
  • upport, safety, and love around the child.
isaac Mao

How Multitasking Affects Human Learning : NPR - 0 views

  • Multitasking is part of daily life. But humans remember and learn differently when their attention is divided. Russel Poldrack, a UCLA psychology professor, speaks with Lynn Neary about what occurs in the attention during multitasking.
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