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isaac Mao

Sakhalin Finnie: Inspirational Project-Centered Teaching | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Finnie's students designed an emergency plan for the home, and an emergency kit. They also created a newspaper, complete with illustrations, that "tells someone who doesn't know anything about earth science all about earthquakes, volcanoes, and plate tectonics how they're all related, and why we have earthquakes." In addition, the students videotaped a five-minute earthquake-safety commercial in the form of a rap song, and victory was theirs.
isaac Mao

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environme... - 0 views

    it's fun
isaac Mao

[数字生活] Kidzui:儿童自由徜徉互联网世界的金钥匙-华尔街日报 - 0 views

  • 由圣迭戈同名公司KidZui提供的这项服务声称它能向儿童们提供50万条与无害网站、图片和视频的链接,被链接的内容涵盖了从流行文化到科学、从搞笑作品和游戏到历史的诸多领域。儿童们通过这项服务可观看《美国偶像》(American Idol)的最新竞逐,了解有关恐龙的知识,探索历史或访问网娃(Webkinz)和企鹅俱乐部(Club Penguin)等知名儿童网站。
  • 这项服务可以对儿童用以上网的电脑进行有选择的设置,以确保儿童不能脱离KidZui通过电脑的标准浏览器上网。父母可以将KidZui设置为电脑启动后自动以全屏模式出现在屏幕上。在这种模式下,KidZui能让那些可使用户转向或启动其他程序的按键、图标、指令和手法自动失效,或将其隐藏。
  • 在这一系统内我可以登录《华尔街日报》的网站,并在站内搜索Spitzer(斯皮策)这个词,屏幕上立即出现了一则关于这位纽约州前州长性丑闻的报导。
isaac Mao

Stilling the Mind: An Interview with Linda Lantieri | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Resilience is the ability to successfully manage life and adapt to stressful events. Resilience is developed in childhood, when there are loving people available to help during difficult times, but if a child feels alone, resilience is not developed just because challenging things are happening.
  • Due to recent brain research on neuroplasticity, we know that brains are growing and creating neural pathways during childhood and through adolescence. What's new in this book is the focus on a repetitive practice that strengthens these neural pathways and teaches young people concrete skills to calm themselves and focus their attention.
  • The interesting part of the connection between stress and learning is that the prefrontal cortex of the brain is the area for paying attention, calming, and focusing as well as the area for short- and long-term memory.
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  • Also, when children are upset, nervous, or angry and cannot manage their distressing emotions, they are not in an optimal zone for learning and retrieving information. They may know something for the test, but they are not able to access it.
  • upport, safety, and love around the child.
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