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Tom March

Digital Media - GoodPlay Project - 0 views

    In the project's first position paper, "Developing Minds and Digital Media: Habits of Mind in the YouTube Era" (, authors Margaret Weigel and Katie Heikinnen have synthesized the leading theories of cognitive development (Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner, Erikson), education and media studies (Turkle, Papert, Jenkins), and empirical findings about young people's digital media.
Tom March

Building the 21st-Century Mind: Scientific American - 0 views

    His most recent book, Five Minds for the Future, offers some advice for policy-makers on how to do a better job of preparing students for the 21st century. Mind Matters editor Jonah Lehrer chats with Gardner about his new book, the possibility of teaching ethics and how his concept of multiple intelligences has changed over time.
Tom March

Favourite Prompts? - 12 views

What are your or your students' favourite prompts?


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