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Mystery Skype - San Agustín Valladolid - 1 views

    It is really impressive TPACK model example that can help students learning geography. By teacher's high CK, students learn similarity and differences between continents and countries. By teacher's high PK, students are seperated groups and they are leaded in order to develop good questions. Also, by teacher's high TK, students are connected to real students in different countries in real time via using techology, so all of the students work collaboratively.
    Büşra, I really love it <3 And also ıt is so funny practice to use TPACK model.
    I really liked it. It is fun for students but there is more than that I believe. Because in the process they are comparing other students' clues with what they know, reviewing high amount of their information. For example students at the other side of the skype call knew their friends were not in finland, estonia, latvia, belarus, ukraine, etc (neighbors of russia). But still I think they -maybe implicitly- learnt these countries are russia's neighbors. Still, I would love to examine their geography scores to be sure about this method's efficiency.
Ceren Korkmaz

TeachLivE - 3 views

    TeachLive of the University of Central Florida is a virtual platform that the teachers can test out their classroom management skills before going up on the "big stage". What it basically does is to place a teacher-in-training in a virtual classroom populated by computer-generated students. A Skype conference call and a Microsoft Kinect motion sensor power the high-tech pantomiming behind the platform. It's currently being used at more than 80 campuses across the U.S. to train some of the next generation of educators, and it appears to be working.
    Very interesting. I was thinking for a similar program for training clinical psychologists. Looks like it'll be a thing in the coming years.
    This is a very useful platform, I think. Pre-service teachers are facing some problems at classroom management. I always think it is absurd to give classroom management lesson at theoretical and that is the best way to teach teacher candidated.
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