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Ceren Korkmaz

3 Ways Med Students Can Use Virtual Reality - 3 views

    Next week, we will look at situated learning. I have always considered VR/learning as a nice channel to implement that. Here are some highlights from the article of Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency medicine physician in New York City.

An augmented reality sandbox - 0 views

    This box can be informative and fun AR environment for primary or elementary school students to form topographies and simulate real time water flow in geology and science lessons.
    I hated geography lesson when I was in high school and while I see those kinds of application, I wish studying at high school now with those technological tools :) I think it can be really beneficial and also gain creativity of students.
    I thought besides making sand castles on the beach, primary or elementary students can play sand to learn topographies and water flow at the same time. And yeah why not, for high school students it can also be fun and beneficial for improving their creativity :)
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