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Pınar Mercan Küçükakın

Blended Learning Through Design Based Research - 4 views

    The video provides a good presentation of design based research with an example. I think it gives insights for our online discussions and in-class activities. I hope you enjoy watching it.
    I liked the way they put schemas and give related examples. That made bigger and clearer picture of DBR in my mind, thanks:) It also higlights the importance and reasons of using DBR.
    Thank you for posting this video..Quite comprehensive..And a nice coincidence that Dr. Ömer Delialioğlu from CEIT is in reference list.

The Supportive Multi-User Integrated Learning Environment - 0 views

    To read more about SMILE software which enables to benefit from case-based reasoning

Article by Kolodner - 1 views

    The article is on the integration of case-based reasoning to problem-based reasoning, it is an example to a merging of them. Examples of science instruction can be found and CBR in detail is explained by Kolodner and her colleagues.

How Legos and blocks help make your child smarter | |Science of Learning - 1 views

    Although not very insightful, this link shows one of the early findings of an ongoing research. Amy Shelton suggests building blocks use spatial reasoning skills, and found some distinctive behaviours with kids who are more competent with blocks than those who are not. Shelton believes training the braing early with such toys would impact children's adult life.
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