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Welcome to Flow in Games - 1 views

    2300 years ago, Aristotle concluded that, more than anything else, men and women seek happiness..." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990) In the last 30 years, as a form of entertainment, video games have evolved from confined arcade activities into a mature media.Video games have deeply infiltrated our daily life and our society. As if toys expanded every child's imagination, modern videogames take advantage of a player's active involvement to open more possibilities than any other existing mediums. [Wright 2006] More and more people grow up playing video games, treating them not only as an art form but also as serious media.
    Good application of flow theory to games
Serap Sarıkaya

The Flow Experience in Education - 0 views

    Shared video is related to flow in education. It gives information about happiness, creativity, divergent thinking, and key elements of the flow. There are some statistical data for creativity, graphic of flow and examples from different fields. Enjoy :)
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