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KlassData:Learning Analytics for Education - 1 views

shared by sibeldogan on 13 Nov 15 - No Cached
Mine Önal liked it
    KlassData is a kind of Learning analytic tool. This video exlplains why LA is needed and how it can be beneficial for educational settings shortly.
    I liked Klass Data because, it is respectful to students. It asks their consent. I mean it respects to the "informed consent" principle of ethics.
Mine Önal

The Facebook Conundrum: Where Ethics and Science Collide | MindShift | KQED News - 4 views

    This news is about the ethical issues that may arise by learning analytics practices. A software program called Course Signals tracks various pieces of information, including the number of points earned in the course and the amount of time the student has spent logged in to the college's software platform. When students at Purdue University are reading their homework assignments, sometimes the assignments are reading them too. Our assignments are reading us. Should we be warned before the course begins? What do you think?
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