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SMART Table 442i - 0 views

    Although it is a kind of advertisement, I like this smart technology products and the idea of smart classroom. Small groups can be engaged very easily for collaborative activities and they can touch the multi touch screen at the same time. Also, teacher can connect it to smart table with a software.
    I think it is basic but very effective application. Especially it is fun and when thinking the usage of it is for children, it is a great advantage.

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: SMART Classroom - 0 views

    By this classroom, students work and learn naturally by communicating with each other and with the teacher actively in real time. Interactive tablets, computers and the board provide students work with groups using technology, while natural learning happens.
    summerize where the technology will be in 10 years in schools. But what can we say about our schools? Even people are paying big amount of money for private schools, they still not have such a technology in their class. Technology getting cheaper and cheaper everyday but still I wonder how many years we need to wait to see these kind of technlogies in our school?
    This is great example to CSCL but when I thought about Kutay's question according to our country; my answer get upset me :/ Because while we cannot use the smartboards at our clasroom, that kind of usage is just a dream :/
E.Yasin Çiftçi

Two key figures in the field of the Learning Sciences: Brigid Barron and James W. Pelle... - 4 views

Dr. Barron is a developmental psychologist at Stanford University. She mainly studies processes of collaborative learning. She is well-known for her 5-year-study documenting adolescents' learning e...

started by E.Yasin Çiftçi on 13 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
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