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E.Yasin Çiftçi

Dr. Derek Cabrera - How Thinking Works - 1 views

    As the literature on expertise underscores, "thinking" or "metacognition" is a key factor in expertise. Dr. Cabrera, in this talk, discusses the weakness of 'encyclopedic' knowledge possessed by Ivy League students and harshly criticize them for they struggle to transfer those memorized knowledge. It could be said he addresses "a mile wide and an inch deep" approach taken by curriculum designers nowadays, which prevents deep understanding of issues that an expert is expected to have. According to him, "system is broken." As a result, he offers his own DSRP (Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, Perspectives) theory, which, in my opinion, summarizes what a "genuine expert" possesses in terms of knowledge transfer. Enjoy it!
Evrim Baran

Evaluation of an Intelligent Tutoring System in Pathology: Effects of External Represen... - 0 views

    Here is an article on computer based tutoring and metacognition within the context of medical informatics.
Burcu Korkusuz

Metacognition, Abilities and Developing Expertise: What makes an Expert Student? - 1 views

    This article talks about the relation btw metacognition and expertise. It was published in 1998 in Instructional Science Journal. The main argument of this article is that metacognition is an important part of human abilities which are forms of developing expertise. To the extent that our goal is to understand the bases of individual differences in student academic success, we need to understand metacognition as representing part of the abilities that lead to student expertise.
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