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Jeff Johnson

Cell Phones in American High Schools | 21st Century Connections - 0 views

    In this research, 112 high school principals from throughout the country responded to a structured questionnaire. Results offer a snapshot of current practices. Most schools (84%) have adopted a written cell phone policy. Generally, they either completely ban or conditionally permit cell phone use by students. Violations result in disciplinary actions ranging from a mild reprimand to confiscation. But do students have a right, legally or constitutionally, to carry their cell phones with them in school? No. Is there a rational and measurable educational benefit to student cell phone use in school? No. Do the potential negatives (disrupting others, taking embarrassing pictures, cheating on tests, inappropriate text messaging) clearly outweigh the benefits? Yes. Ironically, however, 24% of schools permit cell phone use by students.
Jeff Johnson

Student Blogger Plans Libel Lawsuit - 0 views

    An attorney for a high school student who brought a free speech lawsuit against her school district last year said he now plans to file a libel lawsuit against the principal.
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