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10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management - 29 views

    How to evaluate project risk management efforts and continuously improve development. By dealing with project risk issues early, you minimize disruptions, deliver projects on time and reduce costs.

Innovate on Purpose: Innovation and the Peter Principle - 0 views

    We all, for the most part, start out as wide eyed kindergartners full of verve and creativity, and over time the scholastic system teaches us to succeed by giving the right answers and coloring within the lines. Just wait, we tell ourselves, until I get that first job. Then I'll make my mark. Many people who enter the workforce have dreams of creating an interesting new product or service. I suspect many of the best ideas in companies come from employees who have been with the firm less than ten years, because over time many of us find our will being shaped and formed by corporate culture. It's inevitable, then, as we climb the corporate ladder and risks gets magnified that we'll embrace less risk, less change and less uncertainty. We may "encourage" that behavior in others but executives and managers for the most part refrain from innovation, as it is too disruptive to the short term goals of the company. Further, as we get further and further from our innovation days, our knowledge, tools and interactions with customers gets fuzzier and fuzzier. While we all argue that innovation "must be supported from the top" many executives haven't innovated in years and may be unfamiliar with the needs and challenges of the market. Years of incremental change have left them unaware of the needs and challenges in the market.
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