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Big Bird

400 Arrested in Kentucky Riots - 0 views

    This is an article from the New York times describing the riots that occurred in Lousiville due to the desegregation of its local schools. These riots happened in 1975, more than 20 years after the famous Brown vs. Board of Education court case which ended segregation in schools.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Connie Lynch - in bio of Edward Fields, founder of National States Rights Party - on Anti-Defamation League website - 0 views

    "In addition to nominating segregationist candidates for office, the party demonstrated frequently and sparked or participated in street violence in several states. In St. Augustine, Florida, in 1964, Connie Lynch, the NSRP's "official policy speaker," told a crowd of 800, "I favor violence to preserve the white race....In 1966 Lynch and four other party leaders were convicted and sent to prison for inciting a riot in Baltimore, and killings took place in the wake of NSRP rallies in Alabama in 1965 and in Kentucky in 1968." This organization gained followers from many different kinds of right-wing activists: Klansmen, White Citizens' Councils, conspiratorial anti-Communists and George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party.
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