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charlie v

Emma Guy Cromwell - 15 views

Cromwell was a woman and a mother before she became a state wide figure for Cromwell, due to her political accomplishments. She was quoted for saying that Cromwell should be content living the married li...

Cromwell history women suffragist politician Kentucky

Randolph Hollingsworth

EmmaGuyCromwell-KLGAL-ULPA-1994.18.1662 - 2 views

    Portrait of Emma Guy Cromwell, who served as Secretary of State of Kentucky from 1924-1928. She is wearing an elaborate velvet textured dress and long necklace, clutching it with both hands. The photograph has been creased in the top corner and what could be a fan drawn into the back of her hair. Digital ID: KLGAL-ULPA-1994.18.1662 From Herald-Post Collection, ca. 1925 - 1936, University of Louisville Photographic Archives, Resources such as digital images, digital audio and electronic texts are made available by the Kentuckiana Digital Library for use in research, instruction or private study only. These materials can never be used for commercial purposes without explicit, prior written permission from the copyright owner. Permissions and copies for University of Louisville Images Special Collections: Photographic Archives and Rare Books Phone: (502) 852-6752 Email: Website:
tiger lily

Famous Kentucky Woman - 7 views

    This article is about Famous women from Kentucky
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    It has short summaries of famous female Kentuckians. Cromwell is mentioned. While these are small blurbs, they are concise and provide a good starting point for further research on each of these Cromwell.
    **Cromwell--first woman in Kentucky to be elected to a statewide office
    This seems to be a news letter or article that has short bios on some of the most influential woman of Kentucky. It has several different categories including education pioneers reformers then the woman who were mover and shakers in that area.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Emma Guy Cromwell bio on KY Secretary of State website - 6 views

    Useful snapshot of Cromwell's political life and bio as part of the official Kentucky government's website; many of the statements were supplied to the researcher by a descendent and several of the resources are outdated.
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