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Scriptural Because We've Always Done It! - Robertson - 0 views

  • "The first orphan home under a board of directors, and supported by churches of Christ, since the beginning of the Restoration was organized in Midway, Ky. The charter for this home, known as the Kentucky Female Orphan School, was granted by the General Assembly February 23, 1847.
  • Although the name of this institution was Kentucky Female Orphan School, it was also a home.
  • Dr. Pinkerton was interested in the education of girls it was natural that his desire to be of help to orphan girls should take the form of a school which should be to them not only a home, but also a means of education.'
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  • these men were the leaders of such forward movements as (1) Cooperative meetings; (2) Organized cooperation; (3) Bible Society; (4) Church support of Schools; (5) American Christian Missionary Society; (6) Mechanical Instrumental Music in the worship! If at any time these forward works were (or are) opposed, you are a "crank" and have a "hobby." These men of the forward movement are the kind of men brother Totty delights in being identified with; and the works of these men are the kind of works brother Totty delights in defending, according to his Advocate article.
  • "What was in the mind of Pinkerton from the beginning of his 'meditations' on the subject, and that which Parrish and Johnson and their colleagues approved, was not an 'orphanage' or an 'orphan asylum,' but a school for orphan girls equal in dignity and in its prescribed courses of study to 'any seminary or academy within the State'" (
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