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Midway College - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article - 0 views

  • school motto Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself,
  • educated girls orphaned by epidemics and the harsh existence of early Kentuckians.
  • has served, at various times, as a elementary and high school, a junior college, and since 1989, a fully accredited baccalaureate-granting institution.
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  • Dr. Lewis Letig Pinkerton, a physician and minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), spearheaded the effort to start the first school in the United States to educate orphaned girls.
  • Originally training women to be teachers or homemakers
  • Alma Mater (School Song) Here banded together, dear Old Alma Mater Secure in our heritage by old girls bequeathed, Led by their conquests and the future offered, We trust to thy wise guidance, thy voice of wisdom heed, We trust to thy wise guidance, our youth and its need. Then forth from thy doors, dear Alma Mater send us, All ready to honor thee wher'ere we may be, Strong in self-knowledge, wise in understanding We sing now to thy glory, our strength thy victory, We sing now to thy glory, we offer to thee. Original words by Lucy Peterson, 1906-1962,
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President's Message - 0 views

  • President Handley laid before us a challenging vision: "Enhance the opportunities for women in mathematics, science, and technology through the construction of a state of the art Mathematics, Science, and Technology Center, and enhance our service to adults seeking accelerated degree completion programs."
  • Throughout the life of this institution one question has remained and ultimately been asked of each generation. The question, answered differently through the years, is
  • "How can we best meet the needs of women in Kentucky through education?"
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  • We are a diverse institution poised to deepen our mission of service to underserved women and men in Kentucky.
  • Moreover, it is appropriate today to remember as well the generations of young women and now men who have sought better lives under instruction from capable, caring faculty. A legacy of caring at Midway College is personified in our third century of service by many of our employees. Over the course of the last four years Dr. Handley and I have been privileged to meet many of our graduates both near and far. I recall one such meeting with a brilliant woman on the West Coast who graduated from here several decades ago when the school was operating as the Kentucky Female Orphan School. I remember thinking, this woman must have left Midway and pursued a Bachelor's degree and then on in academe. But no she hadn't. She left here upon completion of grade 12. Here she had been exposed to the best of literature, and was required to take advanced instruction in mathematics, and composition. Midway faculty worked diligently to prepare women such as she because they had no safety net other than their ability to think. We serve many students in this same circumstance today and our faculty is just as diligent and committed as they were the past two centuries. To all of our alumni, I say we will keep the faith, and require much of our students academically. We will also strive to engender character, character that counts and give expression in servanthood to humanity. We will retain the character of our pedagogy as a Women's College while continuing to expand our accelerated degree programs for adults.
    I think our group project is going to find our service learning mission within this letter.
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About Midway College | Midway College - 4 views

  • Midway College, formerly the Kentucky Female Orphan School, was the dream of Dr. Lewis Letig Pinkerton, a young physician and minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Together with James Ware Parrish, the Midway Christian Church elder who raised the funds necessary to open the school, they joined with other progressive thinkers to launch a revolutionary educational experiment. In antebellum Kentucky, the few girls who received formal education were taught to read only because it was considered necessary for their role as mothers. When they reached adulthood, they would read the Bible to their children. Female orphans were rarely offered even this meager amount of schooling. Without education or parental support and concern, the most many could hope for was a lifetime of drudgery as a maid or laborer. The liberal arts curriculum and career preparation proposed by Dr. L. L. Pinkerton was a comprehensive solution to this tragic situation, and the benefits reached far beyond the individual girls who attended the school. Dr. L. L. Pinkerton’s dream became a reality as Midway-educated teachers went forth to share their learning with youngsters throughout the state and region. In the years since its inception, the institution has evolved to meet the educational needs of women while preserving the goals and standards of its founders. Today, Midway College has achieved its goal of excellence in education, providing advanced instruction in a broad range of subjects based upon a strong liberal arts curriculum. The campus and programs have grown with the school’s enrollment, yet many of the traditional ideals Midway was founded on have remained constant. The college's affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) remains strong and many members of the student body are active members of Christian Church congregations.
  • This academic balance remains true to Dr. L. L. Pinkerton's vision, and is as carefully structured to enrich today's student as was the original curriculum in pre-Civil War times.
    Great picture of some female students. Also a description of a females education, or lack of, in antebellum KY.
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