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Derek Schneweis

Learning styles research - 1 views

  • Though faculty may attempt to utilize the same teaching methods in a distance environment that they would employ in an equivalent on-campus class, the data from the current study suggest that faculty will encounter significantly different learning preferences as well as other different student characteristics.
    What is the best way to teach online and in lecture? Can we use both in an effective way?
Bill Genereux

Apple's Steve Wozniak: 'We've lost a lot of control' - - 0 views

  • our thoughts go directly into the actions that we want.
  • I wanted to accelerate the world's advancement in the social revolution that it would cause. So I gave away my designs for free
Bill Genereux

Views: Over It Yet? Privacy, That Is - Inside Higher Ed - 0 views

  • social media were invented not to promote your own reality show or to engage student learners in the digital age but to make money via programming and targeted advertising at your and your institution’s personal expense
  • give marketers and advertisers the most direct window into our psyche and buying habits they've ever had
  • imagine the level of awareness by other majors not required to understand privacy invasion, liability and social responsibility
Bill Genereux

Immersed In Too Much Information, We Can Sometimes Miss The Big Picture : All Tech Cons... - 1 views

  • Perhaps the sheer bulk of data makes it easier to suppress that information which we find overly unpleasant.
  • I can bury myself in a mountain of incoming information.
  • we’re a lot more ready for the technology revolution than we are for Aisha
Adam Bohannon

Identity_in_the_Age_of_Cloud_Computing.pdf - By Nitro PDF Software - 0 views

  • The New York Times wanted to convert 11 million articles dating
    from the newspaper's founding in 1851 through 1989 to make them
    available through its website search engine. The Times scanned in the
    stories, converted them to TIFF files, then uploaded the files to
    Amazon's S3, taking up four terabytes of space. "The Times didn't coor-
    dinate the job with Amazon--someone in IT just signed up for the ser-
    vice on the Web using a credit card," IDG News Service reported. Then,
    using Amazon's EC2 computing platform, the Times ran a PDF conver-
    sion application that converted the 4TB of TIFF data into 1.5TB of PDF
    files. Using Amazon's computers, the job took about 24 hours.
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