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Bill Genereux

Stryde Hax: The Spy at Harriton High - 0 views

  • packet sniffer
  • Perbix describes his use of this feature outside of school grounds repeatedly during a conversation with Absolute Software employees. They were enthusiastic... now they're throwing LMSD under the bus?
  • spent hours reading forum posts, messages, and communications from Mike Perbix, his "digital shadow".
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • LANRev was designed to bypass this security measure.
  • listen carefully to the webcast, and listen for the word "house" at 1:28. Listen for "yes we have used it."
  • Cult of the Dead Cow's first Bo2k release
  • These kids are learning that security is something that happens to you
  • I don't ever want my kids on the business end of Remote Desktop Curtain Mode
  • There are a lot of school districts, administrators, IT professionals, and security professionals who see nothing wrong with this documentary.
  • affected parents to have the hard drive removed from their children's laptops and digitally imaged before the laptop is connected to a network.
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