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Mike Wesch

4chan founder defends online pranks - - 4 views

    ""With the anonymous system, you've got a place where people are uninhibited. ... You're getting very truthful conversation. And you judge somebody by the content of what they're saying and not their username, not their registration date," he said."
Mike Wesch

Cheyenne Cherry, teen accused of burning cat in oven, was busted in 2008 in armed dog-n... - 0 views

  • In a cruel twist to the case, a Brooklyn retiree who shares a last name with Cherry is getting threats after someone mistakenly listed her number on a Web posting about the cat slaying.

    "They're all saying, 'You'll burn in hell,' 'Who the hell do you think you are?'" Bernadette Cherry, 72, said of the 75 calls from cat lovers.

Mike Wesch

Cheyenne Cherry - 0 views

Mike Wesch

YouTube - Re: White power fuck niggers! - 0 views

    "laptop gangsta"
Mike Wesch

The Time Empire Strikes Back « Music Machinery - 0 views

  • After just a couple of hours,  the Message has decayed  from “marblecake also the game” to “mablre caelakosteghamm”.
  • I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that 4chan couldn’t beat Ashton Kutcher to 1 million Twitter followers. They were foiled by the same technique: a Recaptcha on Twitter’s account creation (and, later, IP blocking/timeouts for new accounts). Until they can effectively crack or bypass Recaptcha, they’ll never be able to truly automate the process.
Mike Wesch

moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery - 0 views

  • As Dr. von Ahn points out  “had Time used reCAPTCHA from the beginning, this would have never happened — anon submitted *tens of millions* of votes before Time added reCAPTCHA, but they were only able to submit ~200k afterwards. And to do this, they had to resort to typing the CAPTCHAs by hand!”

    Alexander Levedev (up to 37.5) 6,541 votes
    Rick Warren (more than 1,902,130) 7,255 votes
    Kobe Bryant (up to 39.50) 109,174 votes
    Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (up to 35.50) 5,000 votes
    Hu Jintao (up to 31.50) 19,836 votes
    Elizabeth Warren (up to 27.50) 43,403 votes

  • t their peak, they were casting about 200 votes per minute
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  • Early morning on April 27th published the results.  And there, for the whole world to see was the message, completely intact,”mARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME”.
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