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Coby Tenpenny

Forget Typing, Google Says Search Is Going to Be Like 'Star Trek' - 0 views

    This article seemed kinda boring. It says that soon searching the internet will be as simple as verbally asking your computer a question. Seems kinda elementary, voice recognition has been around for awhile. But the article did mention that this would be a key feature in the google glasses computer.
Coby Tenpenny

Are smartphones and tablets turning us into sissies? - 0 views

    "I think increasingly what's happening is, partly as a result of the kinds of devices that are being manufactured and that people are buying, people are moving toward a more consumption-based Internet experience from a production-based experience."

The World's Biggest Fiber LAN Lives at a Nuclear Weapons Research Lab - 1 views

Internet Networking security

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Bill Genereux

Pictures from a developer's life | - 1 views

    Software developers will LOL.
robert dickerson

Cyber Security - 1 views

Tim Gabriel

Code Found In YouTube's Most Recent App Update All But Confirms Pay-To-View Channels Ar... - 0 views

    If I have to pay to view a channel on YouTube, this is going to be ridiculous.
nate brisso

Yahoo! tells employees to stop working from home - 0 views

    Feb. 20, 2013: This image released by NBC shows Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer appearing on NBC News' "Today" show in New York to introduce the website's redesign.AP/NBC/NBC NewsWire This is nothing to Yahoo! about. In a memo sent out Friday by Yahoo!, the tech giant announced that all employees who work remotely have to start coming into the office by June, AllThingsDigital reports.
Sara Holsapple

Microsoft confirms hack attack mirroring recent Facebook break-in - 0 views

    Microsoft has joined the list of prominent technology companies confirming they have been hit by a recent computer hacking attack. In a blog posting Friday, Microsoft said it had found no evidence that any customer data had been heisted. Microsoft Corp.
Luke Miranda

Largest known prime number - 17M digits long - discovered - 0 views

    Computerworld - A mathematician at the University of Central Missouri has discovered what is now the largest known prime number -- one with more than 17 million digits. Dr. Curtis Cooper, who has made two other prime number discoveries, has found the 48th known Mersenne prime -- 2 57,885,161 minus 1.
Bill Pepper

U.S. Cyber attacks claimed to be made by a Chinese Military Unit - 0 views

    Multiple U.S. organizations targeted and hundreds of terabytes of data stolen by a Chinese Unit.
robert dickerson

Pentagon cyber security - 0 views

Pentagon is looking for 4900 military and civilian personnel to fill jobs.


started by robert dickerson on 20 Feb 13 no follow-up yet
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